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Our Proposed 21,000 GPD
Drinking Water Production Facility  

Conceptual Rendering of GridZero's proposed 21,000 Gallon Per Day AWG Water Facility 

GridZero intends to build several 21,000 Gallon Per Day (GPM) drinking water production facilities within California through 2025 to better demonstrate the potential of building larger AWG facilities for small cities or water districts.  We hope to partner with one or more local Universities to build our AWG Study facility sites in various geographic regions to gain water production values. 

GridZero will provide the design work, equipment, install, and operate all proposed locations built using the Watergen USA, GEN-L units, each capable of producing over 1,500 GPD of drink-ready water under optimal humidity and temperatures. The goal is to define and validate the water production values or rates within multiple regional zip code areas, installation, operating and all ongoing maintenance costs to better model the economic return on investment.   

Each proposed facility will feature 14 GEN-L units with a goal of generating 21,000 GPD of drink-ready Water from local humid airflows converted into water. Once water production rates can be established, we will determine the feasibility of developing larger AWG systems of 50,000 GPD or more for small local water companies, vineyards, farms or other related commercial uses. 

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