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CBO Community Relief HUB

CBO Relief Hub.jpg

GridZero's Conceptual CBO Foundation's Community Relief HUB Facility

GridZero was retained to design an off-grid Community Relief HUB, for the Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO  Foundation), a Hawaiian 501 c3 non-profit charity also founded by APVG, our parent. We will build these turnkey modular facilities that can be sent to disaster areas and errected quickly to provide 8 private solar generated hot water showers, 8 clean flushable toilet washrooms, produce up to 1,500 GPD of drink quality water with filling stations, up to 1,000 lbs of cubed ICE daily, plus provide a power source to charge phones and devices, as seen in the rabove rendering.

The CBO Foundation is looking to have up to five such HUB facilities ready to dispatch to disaster areas starting next spring, subject to funding. The need for clean quailty drinking water, showers, Ice, sanitary toilets and power are essential everywhere. We also designed their CBO Water Station for them as part of their recently launched Celebrities for Clean Drinking Water Initiative. It is designed to deliver safe drinking water to those lacking it in California.

GridZero owns all these proposed designs and intends to seek other clients for similar GridZero HUB and Water Station projects that could work well for the growing regional homeless encampments , at beach or forrest campgrounds, yacht harbor marinas, large remote construction or farming sites. We believe these products could help overcome temporary life challenges when they strike.

For more information contact Mr. Peter Ortmann through this site for more details on this proposed project. 


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