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GridZero Founder/President/CEO shares his video content strategy and

upcoming web series


GridZero Entertainment (GZ Entertainment) is our video content creation, advertising sales, website and social media division. It will co-produce its GridZero: The Mother of All Start-ups web series. Check that link for more details.  This is one of the first divisions we are looking to establish and we are currently seeking team mates for it. 


GridZero MicroFarms are designed to showcase how a fully self-powered sustainable commercial microfarming system can work for anyone who wants to grow and sell healthy greens. These facilities can be modified to work in smaller or larger footprints. GridZero intends to promote its sustainable microframs to remote off-grid locations that need food, water and energy security.


If you own a small or larger farm or vineyard and want to explore some options for a solar power canopy, contact Peter Ortmann through this website and schedule a site evaluation today.

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