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GridZero Founder/President/CEO shares his goal of building a 115 foot zero emission sailing catamaran to explore the oceans.


GridZero Emission Yachting (GZ Yachting) is our Founders private yacht chartering business designed to help increase awareness of the many ocean issues, by taking ClubZERO members out to "SEA" the damage done first hand. The initial yacht will be a Sunreef 35M ECO, a 115 foot all electric sailing catamaran (seen here) built in Poland. The goal is to offer select cabins to large donors to the GZ institute, and add one or more

crewed Sunreef 80' ECO sailing catamarans for use as rewards for ClubZERO members in Hawaii and coastal C

Deck Layout.jpg


GZ Yachting is years away from becoming active, however, we are planning to order yachts that suit our special needs for a luxury yacht charter experience for our large "Elite Level" donors who provide $500,000 or morein tax deductible contributions to the GZ institute to fund its programs, and Platinum ClubZERO members who pay $100 or more monthly and accrue Reward Points at the greast rate. 


Our Founder's love of the oceans and passion to help increase awareness of the many issues they face, are the root of his private yacht chartering business model.  Stay tuned and share all the fun once the GridZero: The Mother of All Start-ups web series starts later this year. 


GridZero MicroFarms are designed to showcase how a fully self-powered sustainable commercial microfarming system can work for anyone who wants to grow and sell healthy greens. These facilities can be modified to work in smaller or larger footprints. GridZero intends to promote its sustainable microframs to remote off-grid locations that need food, water and energy security.


If you own a small or larger farm or vineyard and want to explore some options for a solar power canopy, contact Peter Ortmann through this website and schedule a site evaluation today.

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