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Best-of-Class Equipment Providers

GridZero has researched and selected the "Best-of Class" and "quality" solar electric panel makers, energy storage technology, atmospheric water-making, sun tracking technologies, micro-farming systems, solar hot water systems, and water tank builders for our exclusive systems.

Our vendor/partners, like us, stand behind all their products and equipment to ensure our clients that we use only proven and tested equipment and products that will meet our client's needs. Click on each logo below to go to their dedicated pages within this site, if active.


Atmospheric Water Generators )AWG) equipment for home and commercial applications

Innovative all-in-one retractable

self-cleaning solar peddle panels & sun tracking systems

Solar panels and energy storage systems larger scale commercial applications

600 Watt Solar panels & energy storage systems for home and commercial applications


Cost-effective Radiz modular micro-farming grow racks that work for home and b business

State-of-the-art solar hot water systems for home, pools and commercial applications

California based custom SS tank builder for water, beer, wine, and other beverage applications.


Keep your home or business operating with the most trusted backup power generator made.

galleri-badge-design-1-1 copy.png

First class micro-farming system 

that provides turn-key growing support via the internet 

Please note, the above listed brands are not invested partners in GridZero, but merely trusted brands we incorporate into our designs. In some cases we are dealers or sales agents, although in other cases we may simply purchase products and equipment from them for our projects. 

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