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Power Shingle Solar Canopies


We intend to incorporate Bifacial Solar Panel Canopy systems isimilar to these shown above.

GridZero will integrate PowerShingle bofcial solar electric power generating canopies into some of its projects where clients desire alternate power.


PowerShingle solar electric panels are made in California and offer several unique features over other traditional solar power generating systems. Mainly they offer a transparent waterproof system  that allows for sunlight to shine through them, while keeping the rain out to provide a dry workspace or in our case, protection of our AWG equipment. Visit the PowerShingle website to learn more.

GridZero uses a network of local contractors to build out your systems from design through completition. The unique PowerShingle solar power generating canopies are installed by them directly in most cases. they are perfect for backyatd poolside patio covers.


These bi-facial panels allow for filtered light to come through, while generating power from both sides of the cells. on projects where clients desire alternate yet unique power generating options.

GridZero offers Generac home power generators, Smartflower self-cleaning solar systems, DuraTrak solar panel tracking systems, Canadian Solar panels and energy storage, plus Tesla Powerwall 3 storage systems. However, we do not do residential roof-top 

solar systems. 

PowerShingle makes a unique solar electric panel system, however, other bifcial panels that meet our needs ezxist. Pricing and delivery are key, as our larger projects will incorporate over a one million square feet of panels per location. Those made in California or Nevada are preferred to reduce offshore supply chain issues and costs. 

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