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 GridZero Projects

 CBO Foundation.png

GridZero was founded on the core principal that it will build or work with a series of earth friendly, socially responsible companies that benefit their local communities, addressing environmental issues without going to the extreme. We all recognize the damages already done to our life-support systems on earth such as to our water supplies, and our mission at GridZero is to help our clients avoid those damaging trends whenever possible.

The above logos represent projects that we are actively working with and reflect cthe urrent exonomic realities. Many have seen conceptual designs and renderings developed for multiple locations, but lacked the political will and funding to make happen. Click on a logo to go their page on this site to learn more. 

GridZero is also talking with potentail partners on several of its projects. Contact Peter Ortmann for more details through this website.

140 Hillcrest AirWater v3.jpg

Rendering of proposed APVG Thousand Oaks, CA GrowSpace and AirWater Retail Sales Center


Solar powered water-making is just now becoming popular, and we are proud to represent the best-of-class equipment and products to meet any size application. Call us today to learn how we might be able to help you offset the risks of water and power shortages.

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