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Introducing The GridZero
Atmospheric Drinking Water Solutions ACT

Our goal at GridZero is to build a solid foundation from which to provide scalable Atmospheric Water Generating (AWG) solutions that meet individual needs of private and public water districts, small rural communities, ranches, farms, and other commercial clients. As well as residents who seek to offset their lack of water, the risks of poor water quality or regional water use restrictions. Systems that can run off local power grids or designed to be self-powered with solar, diesel or propane generators power.


Researching the use of AWG systems within California, potential tax credits, and more importantly better understanding their water quailty issues, and reasons for the years of ongoing lack of access to drinking water in some areas. We concluded that simple AWG systems like we offer were not even on the radar of water districts and the state. We drafted our Atmospheric Drinking Water Solutions ACT to promote AWG as an alternate water resource and submitted it to California leaders. 


The above video shares the challenges some face in regards to finding affordable and clean drinking water. We want to acknowledge that their are many non-profits, water activists and even state employees who work tirelessy to address this problem. However, almost all of those efforts are centered around domestic water well monitoring, and seeking ways to treat the dirty ground and surface waters they depend on. We could find nothing about the very obvious solution, at least on a smaller scale, the use of AWG as a viable and cost effective water resource. 

Since 2012, California law (Assembly Bill 685) declared that every person in the state has a right to clean, safe, and affordable drinking water. California is on record stating clean water is a human right afforded to all residents, regardless of political affiliations or social class. Yet hundreds of thousands of citizens, many living in rural disadvantaged areas still lack clean drinking water today, over 11 years later. Millions more are exposed unknowingly to water supplies that are at best contaminated to some degree.  


Our research also indicates that California has hundreds of millions of dollars available to address their water issues. Presently, all the attention and funding is being focused on conducting more water quality studies, replacing infrastructure, or seeking further ways to conserve or restrict existing water supplies. Although these are certainly valid uses of available funds, we believe funds should also be made available for alternate AWG systems to solve the issues. We have a funding proposal to offer as well.


The growing distrust in public water supplies has rightfully grown nationwide over the past 10 years, and this has driven many consumers to buying over $160 billion a year in filtered tap water packaged in plastic bottles. This has not only enriched the bottled water companies but has depleted local water supplies and added to an ever-growing environmental plastic waste crisis. Making clean water at the source, even on a small basis, eliminates the use of often dirty water supplies, reduces plastic bottle waste and thereby reduces the regions carbon footprint.


Our proposal to address the lack of clean quality drinking water with viable AWG systems for residents, farmers, vineyards, ranches, and small rural water districts will not solve all the issues, but mainly the smaller community lack of or water quality issues. Air-to-water generation technologies help offset the use of water from the existing state water resources. It simply makes no sense not to consider them as an option on a case by case basis.

GridZero intends to be a leading pioneer in getting AWG solutions rooted withiin California by aggressively promoting AWG with the hardest hit rural communities, state government leaders and its water related agencies, with water activists and non-profit organizations. We are circulating our proposal to over 50 state Senators, Assembly persons, the Governor, and others in hopes they will take AWG serious and at minimum, consider it to solve their smaller water issues.

GridZero will seek a funding grant of $45,000 to develop an action plan to address the five (5) hardest hit 

areas to analyze their potential local daily water production rates. Then we will create a conceptual design and cost estimate for an AWG drink-ready water production facility for each location that solves their unique issue, whether a lack of water or quailty related. 

AWG solutions are not rocket science, it simply takes the political will and funding to make happen. All the equipment needed is already proven and tested, and used by our own military for over 15 years on remote battlefields. Once we have fully released and delivered our "ACT" Proposal, we will post a copy on this website and keep you informed of our progress. If you live in California, call your representatives and tell them to Wake up to AWG.

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