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Founder/President/CEO shares his objecxtives with the ClubZero program

The GridZero Solutions Institute (GZ Institute) is our 501 c (3) non-profit research and educational arm, and source of preivatre and corporate contributions. It will develop our multi-brand membership rewards program called ClubZERO.

Initially the ClubZERO model was part of SuperHUZ of North America (GZ SuperHUBZ), the GridZero division that intends to build, and opeate the H2EV EnergyHUBZ,  EVPowerHUBZ, & H2TruckHUBZ 

networks, However, our Founder elected to build and operate this collective rewards program as a non-profit multi-brand loyalty program that reaches accross our businesses and initiatives. GZ Institute will use surplus revenue streams from this to offset cost of rewards, including EV power and Hydrogen fuel discounts, fund ongoing research and development projects, and specialty travel rewards. 

The ClubZero membership rewards program is a membership program designed to save money on EV fast charging, Green Hydrogen refueling, food and beverages within HUBZ facilities,

provide access to our exclusive member lounges, local shuttle services and transportation on GH2 powered ClubLimolLiner  luxury coaches between all EVPowerHUBZ locations. Initially

in California and Nevada by 2026. SuperHUBZ intends to build a network of over 80 EVPowerHUBZ  by 2035. They will also build smaller H2EV EnergyHUBZ in some markets and H2 TruckHUBZ in the future.


A rendering of a cafe setting, similar to one designed for EVPowerHUBZ 

Our goal is to change the way members biew zero emissions travel.  Imagine taking a hydrogen powered zero emission luxury coach from Las Vegas to any other EVPowerHUBZ location open, then shuttled to your local hotel, event, vineyard or shopping center. Stay tuned for more details about the ClubZero program coming soon. 


Members will earn Points each month based on their membership levels and dollars spent with any GridZero branded business or initiative. This includes funds donated to the GZ institute. These points will accrue each month and can be redeemed for fuel discounts, merchandise, food and beverage and special travel rewards, including a limited number of cabins that will be made avaialble on the GridZero Emission Yachting

proposed 115 foot zero emission all electic sailing catamaran in 2026.  Stay tuned for more details about the ClubZero program coming soon. 

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