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The Art of Making Solar Powered Water From Humidity
 GridZero System Sales


Conceptual rendering of a GridZero System to offset golf course water needs.

GridZero offers a full-line of proven, pre-packaged water making and solar systems for residential, farms, vineyards, commercial, and industrial applications. We use only existing, best-of-class equipment and products to ensure that we deliver reliable systems that meet the needs of our clients long-term, as well as our quality standards. Targeted sales sectors are as follows:


Residential Solutions

GridZero will offer a full-line of proven, plug-and-go

water making retail units for residential and office spaces 

made exclusively by Watergen.  We will also offer the

unique Smartflower - a self-cleaning, all-in-one solar

systems with power storage, or a solar electric panel

array and related power storage systems. We specialize

in larger-scale estate home water making solutions, but

do not offer or install track residential rooftop solar.

Customized Client Solutions

We wll offer a range of independent solar systems for

electric charging centers, commercial and industrial

centers, and solar parking canopies. Our principal business

objectives are to design and install solar powered GridZero

Solar Systems. We specialize in commercial applications 

such office buildings, vineyardsrestaurants, farms, resort

hotels, private Golf courses, manufacturing facilities, and

other industrial businesses. We are also working with

GridZero Farms to build sustainable produce growing 


Pre-packaged Solutions

GridZero will offer several customized pre-packaged  off-grid solar power and water-making solutions for its clients like those shown below. Prices reflect average costs that are determined by project location.

SunWater oic.jpg
50 GPD System.png

This system is designed for estate Residential use with an estimated cost of $150,000

200 GPD system.png

This system is designed for small business use with an estimated installed cost of $175,000

1000 GPD System.png

This system is designed for vineyards, farms and other commercial use with an estimated installed cost of $425,000 to $575,000

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