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Urban GrowSpace 

140 Hillcrest GridZero AirWater copy.jpg

GridZero's Conceptual joint Urban GrowSpace & AirWater Bottling Retail Store Design

GridZero intends to develop a network of small local

micro-farming Urban GrowSpaces combined with an

Atmospheric AirWater micro-bottling facility within a 

leased shopping center retail space. The one shown above was designed for a 10,000 SF space located in Thousand Oaks, California.


GridZero uses the Sananbio Radix modular growrack system for GrowSpace, with Ag technicians growing micro greens and other produce for local restaurants and private clients.  We believe this combination will develop into a potential franchise model that can be grown throughout North America.

We hope to have the first store open by next spring. Contact Mr. Ortmann if interested in a GrowSpace in your local area, without the AirWater addition. . 

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