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GridZero Water District Solutions

Good Overview of Water Challenges in California

The water quality within some regions of California is in serious need of attention and they need to address the water quality issues. Ground water has been adversely impacted by many factors over the past 30 years, including agricultural pesticides, the geo-engineering of our skies, extended year after years of droughts, industrial chemical, and micro-plastic pollution

Consumers increasingly distrust their public water supplies and many have been forced to use

bottled wate to wash their produce, other food, hands and even bath in. Bottled water itself is merely filtered tap water and often unsafe as well, and causes a strain on limited local water supplies water companies deplete while making above average returns. It also adds to the mountain of plastic bottle waste in our landfills.

To address the regional water quality or lack of clean drinking water issues and reduce the plastic bottle waste, GridZero designed its AWG 14 Water Facility, utilizing 14 large scale Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG), made by Watergen, the world leader in air-to-water technology. GridZero represents the entire product line of Watergen in California and Nevada from 8 Gallons Per Day (GPD)

home units to over 1,500 GPD large scale units.  


The GridZero AWG 14 Water Facility is a viable solution for most small regional water districts or community water issues. A rough rendering of the facility is seen on the right. 

This facility is designed to produce up to 21,000 GPD of drink-ready water made from local humidity that we already breathe. The 14 AWG units sits in a 100' x 80' open air structure with a solar roof canopy 24' high at its peak.  

The facility sits above an underground water storage tank that will hold over 230,000 gallons of water, plus has eight stainless steel tanks, water refill stations and 24/7 security. 

14 AWG Water Facility.jpg

The design shows two propane powered generators to operate the entire facility without electrical service interruption.  The facility can be tied directly into the existing local electric grid if desired by the district or community.  This facility was designed to be operated independantly, by either the owner, by GridZero or another third party.

The GridZero 14 AWG Facility as shown above, with generators and underground concrete water storage tank, stainless steel tanks, building and related items is estimated to cost $6.5 million turnkey. That having been said, it is imporatant to note that each system can be designed to meet the individual needs of the district or community from an 8 AWG system making 12,000 GPD to a 30 AWG system that makes 45,000 GPD, with or without generator.

Click on the rendering to download a one page flyer and contact Mr. Peter Ortmann for more details through this site and to schedule an onsite evaluation to better define your needs.. 

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