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GridZero WaterHUBS

The water quality within California and Hawaii has been adversely impacted by many factors over the past 30 years, including agricultural pesticides’, the geo-engineering of our skies, extended droughts, industrial chemical, and micro-plastic pollution. As a result, consumers increasingly distrust public water supplies and have shifted to bottled drinking water, which itself is often unsafe, and has caused a strain on limited local water supplies in some regions. 

To address the ongoing lack of clean drinking water to over a million people in California, the Clear Blue Oveans Foundation (CBO Foundation) has retained GridZero to design, build, install and service 18 or more proposed CBO Drinking Water Stations, as seen in the rendering below. It is part of their Celebrities for Clean Drinking Water Initiative that will fund these Water Stations, which the foundation will provide at no cost to regions lacking clean water.

CBO Water Station.jpg

Conceptual Design of the CBO Foundation Drinking Water Stations 


GridZero also designed its WaterHUB 3000a 3,000 Gallon Per Day (GPD) large scale AWG system 

seen below. It targets vineyards, public schools, community water districts, hotels, yacht harbor marinas, indoor vertical farms and roadside rest stops as potential clients. In short, any place that requires a steady stream of up to 3,000 gallons of clean - quality drinking water production daily (Click on the image below for a flyer on this unit).

2 Gen L system.Apsd.png
2 Gen L system B.png

The dual Watergen GEN L system here is housed in a small prefabricated metal building erected on a 750 SF concrete pad, with an equipment mezzanine floor (poured once erected). The open-air upper mezzanine features a Bifacial Solar Panel roof that allows for natural sunlight to pass through them while generating electricity.

Although the cost of a WaterHUB 3000 

system will vary based on location, they average $740,000 installed turnkey. This includes the 2 AWG GEN L units, 4 - 880 Gallon Stainless Steel tanks, a second UV water filter system, pumping station, the metal building, solar roof canopy, all concrete work, permits, labor to install and system start-up. GridZero can also design a custom WaterHUB to meet any client need. It starts with an initial phone call to us to discuss more details.

For more details contact Mr. Peter Ortmann through this site for more details and schedule a site evaluation. 

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