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About Us


In the meantime we are looking to build our teams and continue to work with our current projects and clients on designing and delivering systems that meet their unique needs. GridZero will evolve over the next two years as a leader in sustainable living and farming. For more information or to seek partnership or managememt opportunities, contact Mr Ortmann directly through this website.

GridZero Inc is a recently formed subsidiary of AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc, (APVG), a privately held Hawaiian business development firm founded by Peter "the AngelPreneur" Ortmann, its President/CEO. APVG formed GridZero to streamline its operations and partnerships for Earth Friendly businesses and projects it is developing


This includes, but is not limited to APVG's HumidaPURE AirWater Inc. a California based business which

incorporates our Watergen Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) product line. APVG's other projects 

include Plastic2Power, EVPlugHUBS, and Urban GrowSpace. All were developed and refined over years of ongoing research and development by Mr. Ortmann and his team. These business models are now for sale to entrepreneurs who may want to build them out.

GridZero is currently based in Las Vegas, with a small satellite office to be established in Thousand Oaks, California.  We are either a distributor, dealer or sales agent of muliple "Best-of-Class" products and equipment manufacturers of proven earth friendly water and power generating, and micro-farming food life support systems that can be easily integrated into fully off-grid applications. 

GridZero intends to relocate all its operations to Camarillo, California in 2024 and locate within a 3 acre APVG development - seen in this rendering. 


This project will feature HumidaPURE AirWater's initial water production hub, GridZero Farms microfarm and the CBO Foundation Ttrift Shop and warehouse for its disaster relief division, including the pre-fabrication assembly of its Community Relief HUBS.

This facility once built will become the corporate headquarters of all the above stated businesses, including GridZero Inc. 

Our primary goal, in addition to building out our own projects with partners, is to provide these products and equipoment we use directly to our private clients who wish to go off-grid entirely or provide a means to offset their risk of power outages, water shortages or food supply chain disruption.  

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