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About Us


IFounder/President/CEO Peter Ortmann shares more about GridZero's history and vision for a zero emissions future. 

GridZero Inc is a Nevada corporation founded by Peter Ortmann, its President/CEO. GridZero has 

incorporated many of the projects he developed over the years to streamline operations with his Zero Emissions Strategy. This includes rebranding his former Hawaiian 501 c(3) ocean-focused non-profit now our GridZero Solutions Institute


The common goal is to build an Earth Friendly zero enissions transportation network, provide off-grid sustainable farming solutions and atmospheric water generating systemsGridZero still offers design/build services to those seeking off grid power, water or farming solutions. 

The GridZero vision is both innovative and large-scale, with many moving parts. This website will share the companies, their proposed operating and funding strategies. All will be feautured in a business reality series now in production called GridZero: The Mother of all Start-ups. The series

will take viewers on the entreprenurial business building reality ride of a lifetime, in real time, with real people and real companies as Mr. Ortmann, also known by associates as The Shark, engages everyone in the integrated GridZero business building process. 

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