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Our Mission & Vision Principals

Our Founder/President/CEO shares his insight and GridZero vision


The principal GridZero mission and vision objectives are rooted in our Zero Missions Strategy to help build out a viable green solar and wind energy generated, Hydrogen powered transportation network. One driven by a group of wholly owned and operated companies that produce and use green Hydrogen (GH2) for most or all its operations.

1.   Increase awareness of the benefits of off-grid living, fast EV charging, green Hydrogen powered transportation and building a Zero Emissions future. 

2.   Working with state and federal wate, power and agricultural agencies, water districts, non-profit organizations, and clean energy activists to address the lack of EV fast charging and Green Hydrogen (GH2) refueling stations.

3.   Become the pioneer in the design and implementation of Zero Emission energy solutions within North America, by empowering private/public partnerships to build out a green energy grid

4.   Providing clean water, micro farming, and power systems that help protect the environment, address individual life support needs, and offseting the draws on existing local water and power supplies. 

5.   Develop fully sustainable farms that generate needed power and water, while growing produce, citrus or grapes under a solar canopy tor better use and management of agricultural land.

6.   Producing Green Hydrogen fuel for direct use in our operations through a network of small micro-plants, fueling a zero emission transportation vertical to reduce local carbon footprints.

7.   Design and build local ReliefHUBZ and WaterHUBZ systems to support local communities after a disaster strikes or for use in homelessless encampments, campgrounds, marinas or imigrant facilities. 

GridZero is currently building its team to deliver on the above objectives as stated. Our success requires

the political will of local, state and federal politicians, the support of water agencies, clean water activists and non-profits. Most importantly, it requires adequate funding! 

The above represents our corporate mission and vision for the GridZero business model. It is seperate of the GridZero Solutions Institute Inc. (GZ Institute), our Hawaiian 501 c(3) non profit group. It is focused on supporting our zero emission efforts and addressing the growing population of working homeless who due to inflationary pressures are forced onto our streets with their CommunityHUBS.

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