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Watergen atmospheric water makers

GridZeros exclusive atmospheric water-marking manufacture Watergen explained.  

GridZero is proud to represent the entire Watergen product line, from home units that produce 8 gallons a day to large scale commercial units that produce over 1,500 gallons per day of fresh drinking water. We use their equipment within most of our custom designed GridZero water making Systems, although have several other manufacturers available to meet our client's individual or business applications


Although Watergen is well known for providing life saving fresh drinking water resources to countries in need and military deployment locations worldwide, atmospheric water generating known as AWG is just now becoming popular within the United States. Our focus is mainly on the western drought-stricken states of California and Hawaii where water quality has been an issue for many years.


Click here to get our 2023 Watergen Price Sheet for single units. We have developed several solar powered packages below to provide a ballpark estimate of what such systems may cost for planning purposes only. Each system is unique and estimates do not factor in any solar credits or other rebates. Prices are subject to change based on needs and project location.

50 GPD System.png

This system is designed for estate Residential use with an estimated installed cost of $150,000

200 GPD system.png

This system is designed for small business use with an estimated installed cost of $175,000

1000 GPD System.png

This system is designed for vineyards, farms and other commercial use with an estimated installed cost of between $425,000 - $575,000

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