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GridZero Founder/President/CEO, plus Creator/Writer and Star of our Business Reality Web Series shares his vision for the business and how he plans to take viewers on the entrepreneurial reality ride of a lifetime. 


Launching a multi-billion-dollar green energy and transportation network from the ground up, with limited capital - may sound impossible. However, GridZero Founder Peter Ortrmann,68, aka: The Shark is fully committed to doing just that and showcase the entire process within GridZero: The Mother of All Start-ups, an upcoming reality-based business building web series that will take viewers on an entrepreneurial reality ride of a lifetime, in real time, witrh real people and real comopanies. Think of former popular television series "Office" meets "Apprentice" on "Survivor" and you get a sense for what lkies ahead.

The GridZero Series will not be scripted, or a high budget production filled with gimmicks. It will be set in real time, launching, building, and operating real businesses to redefine the term crazy. A series that will takes viewers from the concept creation and design stages to ultimate success or failure. So, fasten your seat belts, we expectr plenty of turbulance, on this long, rough, and yet entertaining journey that few have the balls to undertake. 


The Shark, is on a clear mission to build out his massive SuperHUBZ infrastructure and sustainable agricultural visions. He is also out to address a sector of the ever-growing working homeless problem, together with the GridZero Solutions Institute (GZ Institute) in building a network of CommunityHUBS in California, Nevada, and Hawaii. To understand his vision, goals and objectives explore this website for more details.

Building any business under normal circumstances or conditions would be challenging at best. In the post Covid world we now live in is even harder. The rising inflationary pressures and cost of living continues to force hard working people and families into the streets unfairly to become 

homeless. The Shark intends to tackle both in a creative new way - engaging all parties in the process.  The Series will share the differences of doing business in Nevada, California and Hawaii, as GridZero intends to operate in all three initially, then other states. 

The first challenge is funding, as it will require billions of dollars to fully build out and implement The Shark's vision. Don't tell him the money is not avaiable, becasue there is plently of money available to build out the entire GridZero vision, which would cost less than $3 billion over five years. That includes building all of our businesses, solar and wind energy farms, business parks, and our homeless CommuunityHUBS, which would all operate debt free, and collectively employ over 30,000 people.  

Now, as a comparison consider this: On April 22, 2024, ground was broken in Las Vegas on an estimated $12 billion, 218 mile high-speed all electric train project between Las Vegas and Southern California. The Department of Transportation contributied $3 billion to this project, We support any effort to bring people in and out of Las Vegas, we are merely pointing out the value proposition of the $3 billion investment of tax-payer money.


One more hard to believe comparison of wasted tax-payer funding.  On April 20, 2024, Congress passed a bipardison, Bill, which the Senate approved on April 24th by 79 to 18 vote to send $95 billion in entirely military aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Whether or not one supports this use of tax-payer money, our point is that carving out $3 billion for our project, in our opinion, is a no brainer and would be a far better use of money and benefit to U.S. taxpayers. 


To be fair, the government has many grant funding programs to help build out the zero emission infrastructure. However, they are complicated to apply for, and in all honesty reserved for well established larger companies. The GridZero Series  will shine a light on this as The Shark and his team apply to every grant available. 

Add to this challenge the fact that we are in the midst of another presidential election year that will suck the oxygen out of every newsworthy story through early 2025. More importantly, we will need to see how the new political structure within the federal government, as well as Nevada, California and Hawaii will impact GridZero’s vision in the year ahead. All will unfold as our series episodes are posted in near real time. 


These are the challenges that drive The Shark to swim endlessly around the many shipwrecks, and negative opinions. Addressing the fear factors that would have derailed others who dare to try such large-scale endeavors deemed impossible for risk of failure. The Shark does not acknowledge the words “Impossible” or “failure.” He views them as “I’m Possible” and “Failure” as a mere stepping stone on the road towards success. 


The Shark’s journey to this point has seen many challenges, detours and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. His inner strength comes from never letting other people’s perception of him, or his ideas, become his reality. When failure strikes he always picks himself up and reinvents his project, then charges forward. The Shark has a clear vison of where he and his projects are heading, and has reverse engineered the pathway to get there


This GridZero Series shares years of research and development work that led to this project. The Shark will share his insight and wisdom, prior successes, and many failures. That alone is worth watching every episode if only to learn what true purpose-driven commitment means. To better understand the true price most entrepreneurs pay to accomplish their vision, and the constant need to alter their business plans, and sometimes themselves. 


The series is scheduled to launch in the fall of 2024 with a multi-part pilot, followed with weekly 50 minute video episodes online. Each will update viewers on the progress made, showcase the people, vendors, sponsors, contributors or partners who have supported our GridZero projects and GZ Institute efforts. The Shark will engage his viewers by design in a massive crowdfunding like way to make them part of the story.  


If the American Dream is still alive, and many doubt it is. Our success will demonstrate the true power We The People working together have to solve real issues that impact all our lives.  That large scale projects can be started at minimum with a simple idea that helps transition viewers to a zero emissions lifestyle in the future, willingly by better understanding the benefits and value of doing so.  


Become an Executive Producer of the GridZero Web Series 


GridZero is looking to raise up to $100,000 in financing from one or more Executive Producers (Series EP) for our Web Series ($20,000 minimum). We expect the Series to run three seasons (3 years) through December 2027. Series EP will receive title credits embedded in each episode as follows: One year for $20,000 in financing provided, Two Seasons for $35,000 and all three years for $50,000 or morein financing provided. (NOTE: This is not an additional cost). Series EP will also earn 8% APR on the funds provided, payable interest only quarterly, over 18 months, at which time the full principal will be fully repaid. GridZero reser4ves the right to repay the principal at anytime within the 18 month term. We w2ill accept Bitcoin or $USD for financing.

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