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 Meet The GridZero Team Captain

The initial GridZero management team is comprised mainly of Peter Ortmann, 68,

aka: The Shark, Founder/President/CEO. The Shark brings over 45 years of direct business start-up, senior development and management experience into GridZero.

He is the creator of all business models and companies you discover here. Before semi-retiring in 2004 he was a California General, Custom Metal Fabrications and HVAC contractor for 20 years within the Tri-counties along the Central California coast. His custom design, build, fabrication, contracting and system installation expertise, combined with his strategic planning skills in estimating projects add value to all client, partner or vendor relationships.

Petey social pic.jpg

To drive awareness of the coming zero emissions future, address the oceans issues, the growing working homeless problem and build out his vision for a hydrogen powered business model, The Shark created and will host a web-based business building reality series called "GridZero: The Mother of All Start-ups. The series will start with a 90 minute pilot episode later this fall, once all hi ducks are in line, then a new raw and real-time episode will follow weekly. The goal is to educate and engage his viewers in a fun way about the benefits of a zero emissions transportation future we are all heading into. 

The Shark has several management team members and outside contractors in the wings who will be joining both our Las Vegas and California operations once adequately funded over the next year. We have many slots to fill, and The Shark is accepting letters of interest from those who may want to head up an operating division or corporate level mangement position. If you are interested see our employment page. send your name and phone number by way of our contact page. Our goal is to have our core Management

Teams in place and ready to drive our GH2 vision by the end of 2024.

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