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Our Founder shares the proposed GridZero Research Farms Project

The proposed GridZero Innovation Farms (GZ Farms) project is planned for California, and will be funded and built by the GridZero Solutions Insitute (GZ Insitute), our non-profit joint venture partner.  Once completed, Several of our divisions, led by GridZero Agriculture will start farming multiple types of produce, beeries, citrus crops and even coffee beans under multiple GridZero Solar Modules as outlined in the image and chart below. We are not at liberty to disclose the location until we secure it.

The goal is to prove out the crops suitible for commercial production using our solar

canopies, and collect data on power generation and water making in an active farming environment.

La Loma front view.jpg


The GZ Farms project will provide GridZero with ongoing data on many of the commercial projects we will continue to build and improve upon. The innovation of our research staff across all our divisions working together for a better outcome is the key to our future success. GridZero Agriculture will become a major factor in building sustainable off-grid food production systems. 

La Loma Institute Farms.jpg
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