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Founder/President/CEO shares his H2TruckHUBZ  business model.

GridZero does not believe that we have a human caused climate crisis. However, we take our Zero Emission Strategy and committment to building out a viable Hydrogen-based  transportation infrastructure seriously. With that in mind, we designed our H2TruckHUBZ as an exclusive add on to some of our EVPowerHUBZ locations (see Map). Collectively we refer to these locations as our SuperHUBZ

The above is NOT a GridZero H2TruckHUBZ   

Dolar Farm 1..jpg

Advancements in Hydrogen powered technbolgies for H2 fuel cell truck engines, will drive the zero emsision cargo movement on our Highways in the future. Our H2TruckHUBZ were designed to support these truckers and are built under one of our onsite GZ Solar Modules as seen in the bottom right of corner of this design rendering.

H2TruckHUVZ 1.jpg


H2TruckHUBZ will operate on a 24/7 basis, feature 20 GH2 (Hydrogen) fuel pumps, 10 EV Fast Charging stations, a tire and repair shop, truck wash, truckers cafe, lounge with showers, full-time security, limited overnight parkeing spaces, and a retail store. We hope to place them within100 miles  of each other in our proposed EVPowerHUBZ network. 

Conceptual Design of our EV 4000 PlugHUBS off-grid 4EV Charging Power Module 

GridZero is developing a series of offgrid power modules that we intend to place, operate and maintain in areas without existing grid power or EV charging stations. We generate the power with an GH2 fueled generator.  

Once built, they will be placed in desired locations within California and Nevada to offer fast EV charging options at hotels, shopping areas, gas stations, golf courses, and locations that do not currently offer EV charging. 

All our Power Module systems are custom designed for 2, 4 and even 8 EV tower versions, or a version designed exclusively for construction site or for emergency power needs,  We expect to start placing our initial units in late 2024 or early 2025.


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