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 GridZero Divisions

GridZero Founder/President/CEO shares his portfolio of companies 

GridZero was founded on the core principal that if we are ever going to get to a zero emissions transportation reality, we need to engage all parties in that transition. To build innovative companies, like GridZero, that will work with other earth friendly, socially responsible companies that benefit their local communities, addressing environmental issues without going to the extreme.  

We all recognize the damages already done to our life-support systems on earth, including and certainly not limited to our water supplies, the air we breathe and the less than healthy produce we grow in scale today. To accomplish our stated Zero Emissions objectives, we elected to build a number of businesses that will work seperately, but together in a common goal of building out a green hydrogen powered transportation services economy. 

The logos shown below represent the many parts of a multi-billion infrastructure business plan that is designed to engage all parties in a common outcome - zero emissions transportation by 2035. Whether we reach that goal will depend in great part on the support and funding GridZero gets to build it from local, state and federal governmental agencies, private individuals, and public corporate brand partners. 

We also acknoiwledge the impact our changing economic reality has had on millions of hard working people. Those who due to inflationary pressures have been forced out onto our street to live in their cars, RV's, Tents without the facilities they need to surive. Our non-profit GridZero Solutions Institute (GZ Institute) will set out to build and mange its CommunityHUB project to help address this issue. 

Click on any logo to be directed to there web pages, many of which will feature a short video sharing more insight as to our Founders strategy and how that particular business fits into the larger GridZero vision. Please note that we are updating this site and plan to be completed by May 1, 2024. 

A California-Based  Core GridZero Subsiduary 

GridZero Nevada & California SuperHUBZ Support Companies

Proposed Projects & Corporate Divisions

Proposed Furture GridZero Divisions

Non-profit GridZero Solutions Institute Projects & Initiatives

GZ SuperHUBZ logo.png
140 Hillcrest AirWater v3.jpg

Rendering of proposed APVG Thousand Oaks, CA GrowSpace and AirWater Retail Sales Center


Solar powered water-making is just now becoming popular, and we are proud to represent the best-of-class equipment and products to meet any size application. Call us today to learn how we might be able to help you offset the risks of water and power shortages.

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