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For 5 Acre & Under Parking Lots Or Parcels

Founder/President/CEO shares how EVPowerHUBZ fit onto smaller parcels

Although most GridZero's SuperHUBZ are being developed on 30+ acre sites for its proposed

EVPowerHUBZ as stand alone facilities. We  also designed a similar version to fit on a smaller parcel footprint. Our primary sites feature solar and wind generating farms that provides 15 MW or more of power to use for operations and to make green Hydrogen (GH2) fuel for our coaches and backiup generators. Our smaller sites, like shown here will be supplied with GH2 fuel produced by a nearby larger facility. GridZero is working on storing the hydrogen it produces in a dry powder, making it safer and more cost effective to transport.

Camarillo PH 3.jpg

A rendering of a EVPowerHUBZ location set on a

3 acres near an outlet shopping center. 

These smaller EVPowerHUBZ locations will offer all of the services of our larger sites, including car wash and detailing, valet services, food and beverage, fast EV Chargings and GH2 fuel cell refueling.

They will also offer our local EV shuttle vans and scheduled ClubLimoLiner coach services to sister facilities within our network. Initially within California and Nevada by 2025, then Utah and Arizona. 

Cam PowerHUBZ level 1 Plan.jpg
Cam PowerHUBZ level 2 Plan.jpg


To make our smaller shopping center locations work, we relocated the car wash area, removed the coach washing unit and shuttle terminal. We added an underground level for valet parking space, and house our GH2 powered generators. We incorporated four very cool Smartflower Solar Systems at the entry area. We plan to build many of these over the coming years.

Cam PowerHUBZ lBasement Plan.jpg

In fact, we plan to build a network of over 80 EVPowerHUBZ locations, with 20% also offering a GVTruckHUBZ facility by 2030. Our goal is to build a green Hydrogen-based transportation network that will help anyone transition into a zero emissions future and clean the air we breathe.  We have begun talking with interested cities and commercial property owners in California and Nevada who are interested in hosting a smaller parcel facility shown above under a long-term lease agreement.

We hope that one day we will see EVPowerHUBZ at all major airports within the western states initially, then other states like Hawaii, Florida and Texas to name a few. The growth potential for our zero emissions business model is endless, and subject only to the availability of private, local, state, and federal funding and the political will to make it happen. 

 Imagine taking a GH2 powered zero emission luxury ClubLimoLiner coach from Las Vegas to any other EVPowerHUBZ location open, then being shuttled to your local hotel, airport gate, event or shopping center. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.  

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