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Founder/President/CEO shares details about our proposed Corporate Center

GridZero hopes to build its Aquarium Plaza Corporate Center (AQ Plaza) with the city of Camarillo in California as part of our own business park set on 15 acres (as seen in the conceptual rendering below). No property has been acquired for this project.  Alternate sites on the central California coastal are also being considered should this preferred site be unavailable.  


The AQ Plaza will serve as our corporate headquarters and that of the GridZero Solutions Institute, and as a working showroom of the businesses and iitiatives incorporated into this project. No property has been acquired for this project.  The rendering and images seen here are for conceptual design and cost estimating purposes only. 

The AQ Plaza project will include GridZero MetalWorks, our custom fabrication and manifactiong facility in a 40,000 SF building, and first of many EVPowerHUBZ . GridZero  and its related operations intend to lease office space within its AQ Plaza project, from the limited partnershgip that will build it. We hope it open by the summer of 2025.

The AQ Plaza will be built and owned by GridZero, with space leased to SunStar Golf Club, a virtual golf venue that will be operated by GridZero Entertainment, and Aquarium Gallery, a multi-Aquarium themed destination family restaurant to be operated by the GridZero Soulutions Institute. The GZ Institute will promote reducing ocean plastic waste and awarenes of sustainable seafood, better use of Agricultural lands, solar based sustainable microgreen farming and atmospheric water making from humidity. 

Aquarium Resturant.jpg


The AQ Plaza will feature Marissa's Reef for Heavenly Helpers, (Marissa's Reef), a 40' round by 60' tall tropical saltwater aquarium as its signature attraction. Marissa's Reef serves as a living memorial exhibit to honor our Founder's Granddaughter, Marissa Reyes who was born on his birthday in 1998, and sadly swept to her death in a flash flood in Carefree, Arizona in August 2005 at the age of 7.

Marissa Photo Header.jpg

The AQ Plaza will become a go-to destination restaurant for residents and anyone visiting nearby. It will be built to the top leeds standards, incorporates solar power, an on-site vertical microgreen farm and bakery in the underground level, roof-top produce garden, atmospheric drink-ready water generators, and solar canopy. All produce, water, and baked goods are for the restaurant, not for resale.  The site will also feature solar canopy parking spaces, EV fast chargers for employee vehicles and green hydrogen powered generators for 24/7 operation in all weather conditions.

Although this is an exciting project, no guarantee can be made that the land seen here can be acquired or leased, or that the project can be built as concieved. All will play out in the GridZero Web Series, which if built, will draw substantial viewer traffic to the AQ Plaza ii the future. 

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