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Founder/President/CEO shares his Community ReliefHUB module plan 

The GridZero Design Team developed an off-grid local community ReliefHUB concept after the disasterous wildfire on the Island of Maui, Hawaii, in August 2023, A fire that burned the Town of Lahaina and its harbor in West Maui to the ground in under one day. Over 120 people died, and likely far more as some families have never been seen since the fires. 2,200 homes and 300 businesses were lost leaving 8,000 people without basic daily needs. Our Founder once lived in Lahaina and sailed out of this harbor so he feft the loss personally. 

ReliefHUBS are modular in design for quick deployment when disaster strikes, or other need arises. They are perfect for non-profit groups and governmental agencies like FEMA to help address those who are impacted after a disaster strikes or for addressing homeless encampments. 

ReliefHUBS can be placed and operated short-term or long-term as needed, then storaged for the next disaster event.  GridZero will build modules through its GridZero MetalWorks (GZ MetalWorks) division in Las Vegas, and hopes to begin building 10 Hubs by late 2024. Once underway they will begin sales to non-profits, local, state, and federal agencies that deal with the homeless or disaster events.  Our non-orifit  GridZero Institute  is our first customer and seeking five HUB units.

GridZero's Conceptual Community ReliefHUB 

GridZero Relief HUBS are designed as off-grid modular facilities that can be errected onsite to provide 8 private solar hot water showers, 8 clean flushable toilet washrooms, produce up to 1,500 Gallons Per Day of drink quality water with filling stations, up to 1,000 lbs of cubed ICE daily, plus provide a power source to allow for the charging of phones, a wifi system, and other devices, 

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