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Make a Difference - Join Our Team
 GridZero Employment Opportunities

GridZero is a Nevada corporation with offices being developed in Camarillo, California by later this year. We are currently seeking to fill some senior level positions on our current corporate structure chart below (currently being revised to reflect changes). Note, some positions may not be avaialble, although you can apply for them by sending us an email through the contact page, with phone number, the position you are interested in, a brief outline of why you want to join our team and what qualifies you for your preferred position. 


Our Founder believes that when creative, like-minded entrepreneurs come together to build a socially responsible company for the common good of everyone - we all win. If you have the desire, passion and drive to become part of our team. We welcome you to this exciting opportunity to help build out the green Hydrogen zero emissions future we envision. We are an equal opportunity employer, but please leave you politics, and social issues at the door. We all share the same earth,  breathe the same air and drink the same water, so we need a positive team from all sides committed to making a true difference. If that is you submit your request and let's see how we can get you started. 

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