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Founder/President/CEO shares the GridZero HumidaPURE Water model 

GridZero HumidaPURE Water (GZ AirWater) was part of a prior business model that our Founder incorporated into the 

GridZero business portfolio in 2023. As a dealer for Watergen, the world leader in Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) systems, they designed off-grid packages that incorporated them. The larger plan was to produce and bottle the AirWater made from local humidity for resale. GridZero intends to this now, plus make water for its hydrogen production plants.  

GZ AirWater will make its atmospheric drinking water from local humidty within each of our EVPowerHUBZ locations once built. It addition, it will make high volumes at larger solar farms, and sell water retail under the AirWater brand, packaged in aluminum cans and refillable bottles, glass and storage totes. 

AirWater Packaging art.jpg

Mainly to reduce the amount of waste generated by traditional use of plastic water bottles that find there way into landfills and oceans.  The ability to generate substantial water from local humidity in California also allows for GZ AirWater to design and provide drinking water solutions to those who lack access, have contaminated water supplys or other water issues.

GridZero designed a stand-alone facility in California to hopes to start in early 2025. California offers the best humidity levels, and when completed, this site will produce on average 24,000 Gallons Per Day (GPD) of drink-ready water production. It will also serve as the company's headquarters. A rough rendering of this California site is seen to the right, although no site has yet been acquired. 

Vid 1.jpg

This project will be built and financed by a California Limited Partnership, which will lease its building back to GZ AirWater  long-term, with an option to purchase. Addional plants are planned as the brand and water needs grow with the other GridZero operations.


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