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Founder/President/CEO shares his goals with the CommunityHUB module 

The GridZero, together with our non-profit GridZero Solutions Institute (GZ Institute), is committed to helping address the working homeless issues and those individuals impacted by disasters when they strike. Our proposed Business Park HUBS model incorporates a larger scale CommunityHUBS

project in a combined 40-acre site that also provides jobs. As seen in the rendering below, we use two 60,000 SF open GridZero Solar Canopy Modules (GZ Modules), designed for our agricultural division, plus a custom metal building for each onsite operation (upper part).  

Like the smaller 5-acre CommunityHUBS facility, they are designed for homeless individuals with active jobs or likely to secure one with GridZero or elsewhere. The working class that became homeless due to the rising housing costs, a lay-offor in the case of our proposed Lahaina, Maui Business Park, left homeless & job-less due to the wildwife in August 2023. A fire that burned over 2,200 homes and 300 businesses to the ground, killed at least 120 people and left 8,000 homeless.

GZ Modules are 300’ x 200’ (60,000 SF) each, open on most sides, use bifacial solar panels that are set on a

pre-engineered  metal building frame. They are 28’ tall at the eave and 34’ tall at the peak. The one shown here is not ours.

CommunityHUB facilities (lower section of rendering) will be built, owned and operated by the non-profit GZ Institute. They will  provide individuals living out of their cars, travel trailers, RV's or tents a safe and secure sheltered space for temporary housing, with power, water, ice and other services. 

They provide an address to use for mail or package delivery, feature 24/7 security, gated access, men, and women shower and bathroom facilities, a laundromat, WIFI and internet connected computers, 3,000+ gallons of drink-ready water per day from local humidity, has one or more hot tubs, a pool, and BBQ area so resident tenants can feel somewhat normal as they rebuild their lives. 

CommunityHub Elevation View.png

GridZero's Conceptual rendering of the proposed CommunityHUB .

The live-in spaces and all inclusive services will be offered to responsible homeless individuals for a fee of $250 to $500 monthly, for up to 24 months depending on the size of the space occupied. Tenants are not required to sign a lease, however, they must be willing to adhere to faclity terms and conditions. Fees offset the cost of services, power and operations. All locations will have a resident manager who lives onsite and oversees the staff. 

The GZ Institute will own and operate all facilities, which can be broken out of the Business Park design to be built seperately elsewhere. GridZero believes CommunityHUBS will become popular with cities, states and non-profit organizations that work with the unhoused populations in their areas. GridZero  can design/build/install/ its ReliefHUB and/or CommunityHUB projects for any governmental agencies, cities, and third party non-profits. Contact us to learn more. 

The GZ Institute will raise the fiunding to build its local Las Vegas CommunityHUB project, mainly from casinos, small businesses, local, state and federal grants, corporate and non-profit sponsorships and individual donations. All funds contributed can be allocated to a specific project the Sponsor wishes to support. The GZ Institute will operate the CommunityHUB and onsite Thrift Shop directly. GridZero will build and operate its Business Park operations. 

GZ HUB Business Park.png

GridZero has several business operations planned for its Business Park locations. All will create good paying jobs for those in need. Not all locations will have the same operations, California and Hawaii will have HumidaPureWater bottling plants due to the need for clean water and high humidity levels.  We see this opportunity as a win/win situation for all parties concerned.


GridZero MetalWorks (GZ MetalWorks) is our manufacturing division

currently being established to build our solar canopies, modular disaster ReliefHUBS and CommunityHUBS.  They will build the solar panel racking systems for our solar and wind energy farm projects. 

GridZero Agriculture (GZ Agriculture) is our farming unit, which will operate a microgreens and vertical produce farrn onsite. All  Business Parks will include a produce farming element.


GridZero WindTurbines (GZ WindTurbines) is our Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) manufacturing and installation division. Our focus will be on building the towers that hold the turbines, blade assembly and the instalattion of units for its solar and wind energy farms.

GridZero HuidaPureWater (GZ AirWater) is our water making and bottling division, which makes drink-ready water from local humidity. They will be mainly in Hawaii and California.


GridZero has identified 3 sites for its Business Parks as seen in these aerial images. However, none of these properties have been leased or acquired yet. They are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Camarillo, California, and Lahaina, on the Island of Maui Hawaii. In Maui, the CommunityHUB can also provide housing for future construction workers needed to rebuild West Maui. 

We may add other divisions to our Business Parks as shown by logo below the images. Click on any to be directed to their web page to learn more about them. 


Maui Park aerial.jpg
GZ Hydrogen logo.png


GridZero believes that its CommunityHUB projects could develop into a franchise non-profit opportunity to address working homeless individuals and families nationwide. One that can even provide tents or travel trailers for use within spaces when needed. All it takes is the political will and redirecting some of the local, state and federal funds already being spent on homeless issues. That, combined with the financial support of local sponsors, non-profits and indivduals can help solve this part of the growing working homeless problem. 

It is important to remember, not all homeless people are in their situation because of drugs or mental issues. Many are the hard workin g full time hidden employees who serve our meals, work at a casino, our Uber driver who are in their situation due to growing inflationary pressures and high housing costs. The 

CommunityHUBS will help provide these workers, veterans, and families who still believe in the American Dream, a level of dignity as they struggle to rebuild their lives. 

GridZero and the GZ Institute is committed and ready to build its CommunityHUB Buisness Parks as a viable homeless solution. We will start accepting corporate sponsorships and private tax-deductible donations to make it happen in June 2024. GridZero has pledged ten-percent (10%) of its annual pre-tax operating profits to the GZ Institute to further its efforts, CommunityHUBS play an important part of our own growth. We will seek local, state and federal grants, employment and zero emission tax credits whenever possible. Please join in in this effort.

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