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Industry Reports & Flyers

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GridZero believes Solar powered Green Hydrogen fuel (GH2) will drive America's Net Zero Emission transition in the years ahead. Whether or not you believe we have a human caused climate crisis as a result of our increased use of carbon based fuels. The simple fact is reducing emissions whenever possible to clean our air is just smart. With that in mind, our businesses works with individuals and commercial clients to deliver off the grid solutions and cleaner transportation options. Click on any above image to download the above reports to learn more about how the opportunities the zero emission future holds.

Most people living within the Western States like California, Nevada and Arizona assume the quality of their drinking water is good, clean and meets all safety standards. Sadly, research has shown that this is not always the case. In fact, in some regions public water is not safe to drink, and even bottled water in many cases is not safe. 

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Click on the above to download the "Diversifing Water Sources with

Atmospheric Water Harvesting to Enable Water Supply Resilience"

Click on the reports below to download a copy to better understand the water issues and how AWG systems can help address them.  They include the "Inequities in Drinking Water Quality" and an EPA "Evaluations of Atmospheric Water Technology", plus an article on water quality in some parts of California. Download a copy and see if your drinking water quailty may be at risk too. GridZero offers real solutions to help overcome these quality issues.

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Inequities in Drinking Water Quality Among Domestic Well Communities and Community Water S


To understand the California water quailty issues better, click on the images below to access the 2021 California Waterboard Audit, a well done report by the Community Water Center called 10 Years of the Human Right to Water, plus a flyer of our 21,000 Gallons Per Day Water Production Facility we hope to build on a Cal State University campus in early 2024 to help train the future AWG facility operators and AWG water technicians.

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GridZero focuses much of our time designing AWG systems for our California clients, like wineries, breweries, small ranches, farms and estate homeowners concerned with the quality of their local water supplies. The Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) has developed some great reports as well, and they are below. We will post more reports as we find them. 



Atmospheric water can be made or produced almost anywhere humid air is present, even within a desert like Las Vegas, or Palm Springs. It starts with a call to us to discuss your needs, location and potential water generating values. If that looks feasible, we can move to a Site Evaluation to define your project needs and 

requirements, equipment, power source, and develop a turnkey system cost estimate for your consideration.


GridZero designed the two page flyers below to outline basic pricing guidelines for our Watergen 

AWG product line. Our phone number is enbedded so click on either image to download them. Note The prices shown do not include freight, set-up or installation, sales taxes, permits or other costs. It is intended to share only the base price points of the selected water generating units. A Site Evaluation will offer a complete cost estimate , projected water production rates and installation timeline.

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"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short;

but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark." 



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