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Founder/President/CEO shares the history of the EVPowerHUBZ model

EVPowerHUBZ are designed primarily for 30+ acre agricultural or desert land parcels (as shown on rendering below) located along the major highways from Nevada to California, then highways in Utah and Arizona. Smaller parcels of 5 acres or less can be developed under our CityHUBZ design. All of the larger sites will incorporate a solar power generating GridZero Solar Modules (GZ Modules) that will be 30’ over existing farmland, citrus groves, vineyards or large parking areas. 

Ground Level 1

Second Level 2

Roof Level

GZ Modules consist of 3 pre-engineered metal frame sections linked together for a 300’ x 200’ (60,000 SF) structure, open on most sides, with bifacial solar panel roof that allows sunlight to pass through for plant growth. Each GZ Module will generate approximately 720 Kilowatts of power. Collectively with all other solar panel and wind turbine systems over 15 Mega Watts of power is likely per 30

acre facility. Power is fed into an energy storage and distribution system for use in onsite EV rapid chargers, atmospheric water making, and green hydrogen production for fuel cell refueling. 

GridZero intends to position itself as the leading pioneer of green Zero Emission

integrated charging and transportation

sector within North America, with a goal of building100 EVPowerHUBZ by 2035, see Map, and 500 locations by 2050. 

The EVPowerHUBZ business model by design focuses on bringing owners of EV and GH2 powered vehicles together with non-owners, in a safe, rewarding way while they travel locally or between

interstate EVPowerHUBZ locations whether away or within their local area. 

Iur 24/7 staff will assist owners, many

without the ability to charge vehicles at their condominiums or apartment homes to eliminate their ongoing EV charging or H2 refueling anxieties. All of which contributes to slowing the transition to a zero emissions future plus sales of multi-brand EV or H2 vehicle sales within the United States - The Problem. 

Dolar Farm 1..jpg

Charging anxiety is rooted in the lack of fast EV charging stations, the lack of GH2 refueling sites, an owner’s personal safety, adverse weather-related protection issues, the availability of clean and dependable charging locations, bathrooms, even food and beverage options when charging outside their home or while traveling. PowerHUBZ will address and solve all these issues by providing secure, dependable, and value-added services to owner/members to help them effect the transition to zero-emission travel - The Solution.  

The GridZero emissions objectives can not be met by 2035 if we do not address the long haul trucking segment. So we will add our GridZero H2TruckHUBZ 

to some locations to serve the growing H2 powered truck operators. H2TruckHUBZ will be built under one of the GZ Modules on-site, as seen in the bottom right corner of the above rendering.


The GZ Module provides weather protection for users, and each will feature 20 H2 refueling stations, 10 EV fast charging stations, a tire & repair shop, trucker's cafe, truck wash, a truckers lounge with showers, and a laundromat. See Map of proposed future HUBZ locations. 

H2TruckHUVZ 1.jpg
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