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Founder/President/CEO shares his goals with the CommunityHUB module 

GridZero, through our non-profit GridZero Solutions Institute (GZ Institute), is committed to paying things forward and helping address the issues of our time. From cleaning up the air with our zero emissions businesses, providing clean drinking-water made from local humidity where needed or operating vertical and solar powered farms for healthy food produuction. One of the GZ Institute's biggest efforts will be to buid and operate its GridZero CommunityHUBS (CommunityHUBS) that will address a segment of the working homeless population. (Also see our Budiness Park HUBS)

CommunityHUB facilities will come in multiple sizes, based on the number of 60,180 SF buildings that will be used. They are designed exclusively to support the working homeless individuals and families with jobs or likely to secure one. Those who have became homeless due to rising housing costs, a sudden lay-off or similar life-changing situation that leaves them without an address and livable facilities to recover.

CommunityHUB facilities will provide individuals who are now living out of their cars, travel trailers, RV unit and even tents, a safe and secure place to shelter. To provide an address to use for mail or packages and use of an assigned space with a four plug electical outlet

CAM HUB Grouping w_Elev.png

GridZero's Conceptual rendering of the proposed CommunityHUB .

Each facility will feature a resident manager, 24/7 security, gated access, ice, men, and women shower and bathroom facilities, a laundromat, wifi or internet connected computers, a common kitchen area with microwaves, 1,500 + gallons of drink-ready water per day made from local humidity. The second level will offer 40 studio apartments for more privacy. The larger facilities, like the proposed GridZero  Business Park HUBS will offer a hot tub, pool, child care, retail store and BBQ area so residents can feel somewhat normal as they rebuild their lives. 

All will be offered with inclusive services to responsible homeless individuals for a small monthly fee of $250 for a 500 SF "B" space (tents only), $450 for a 750 SF "A" space (RV,  $600 for a 960 SF "C" space (RV Only) and $600 for a studio apartment. Tenants will not be required to sign a lease, but must pay the first and last month's rent to obtain a space. Fees help offset the operating cost of the facility, and we will seek state or local assistence to help with those rents. Residents may stay up to a maximum of 24 months. They will also need to adhere to our standard terms, conditions and facility rules. 

The GZ Institute will own and operate these facilities. GridZero believes that its CommunityHUBS and ReliefHUBS concepts will become popular with cities, states and non-profit organizations that work with the unhoused populations with in their areas. As such, GridZero offers design/build services to any city, governmental agencies, and third party non-profits. Contact us to learn more. city, 

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