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Founder/President/CEO shares details about the GridZero Foundation

The GridZero Solutions Institute Inc. (GZ Institute- formerly Clear Blue Oceans Foundation), is a Hawaiian 501 c (3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. It was formed in 2019 by our Founder to increase awareness of the many ocean issues. 

GridZero and its GZ Institute will continue its ocean awareness efforts, but has expanded its focus to include addressing the zero emissions future, research and development of sustainable agriculture and better land use, green energy and hydrogen production, plus other issues. Most importantly, the GZ Institute will look to assist those forced into becoming homeless with its CommunityHUBSThe cost of living and housing today has seen a steady growth of good, hard working people pushed onto streets, and we intend to help them recover with the support of our donors and sponsors. 

The GZ Institute will also work to assist  homeless individuals with the proposed GridZero Business Park HUBS - a larger scale CommunityHUB facility that brings jobs into the project. The Institute  intends to build and operate its Local ReliefHUBS, to help those impacted after a major natural disaster strikes. All are subvject to adequate funding from state, corporate and private donations. 

Once underway, the GZ Institute will launch a number of project fund raising and Sponsorship program unlike any ever seen to mobilize the public, small and big brands and non-profits that upport building a zero emission future and regional transportation infrastructure. A truly purpose-driven goal without regard to one's political status or narratives, or public opinions of whether such a massive effort is worth undertaking.

Like it or not, we are all heading towards a zero emissions future. In our Founder's opinion, the best way to succeed in that transition is to engage everyone in a fun, value-based educational program that all parties can benefit from. Cleaner air is just the primary benefit a zero emission transportation network offers. The GZ Institute will help educate consumers through the GridZero Membership Rewards, aka: ClubZERO  program that will be supported in part with advertisers and Sponsors.

As we set out to help build the GridZero Innovation Farms project and zero emissions tranaportation network, we will also continue the Institute's original mission of increasing awareness of the ocean plastic waste, overfishing, the reduction of shark finning. and viable ways like Plastic2Power  to address them. We will look to fund and build five or more ReliefHUBS  & CommunityHUBS to assist those impacted by life events or diasters when they strike. Help us - help them by becoming a Sponsor once we launch.


Many people will find our mission exciting, challenging, and join us in our efforts. Many more will find it to be crazy, find every flaw to justify dismissing it.  As Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, born 4 months to the day before our Founder, once stated "The one's who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the one's who do".


Here's to the Crazy One's, who want to let their full geniuses come out -  join us and let's show the world we still exist! 

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