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Founder/President/CEO shares his GridZero Agriculture business model 

GridZero AgriVoltaics (GZ AgriVoltaics) came out of a vineyard project we are developing as part of our GZ Institute Research Campus project. The goal is to grow grapevines under a bifacial solar panel canopy to generate power to power its winery operations, power its water makers and sell surplus power back into the local power grid for added revenue. This system could benefit millions by converting existing ag lands into better use and make it more sustainable. It appears to be a viable option or growing citrus, berries, grapes, produce and even coffee beans.

Our goal is to maximize the value and use existing of Ag Lands, vineyards ir citrus groves, while incorporating a series of atmospheric water makers that convert humidity to drink-ready water. Water that can be use for farming, making wine or for retail sale.

New Solar Canopy elevation.png
New Solar Canopy.jpg

The added value is the sale of surplus power into the local power grid foer added revenue. To accomplish this we developed  the module seen on the right that consists of 2- 100' x 300' metal building frame sections with a 6' center service walkway (61,800 SF) to create the solar module. This can turn a small vineyard or farm into a multi-MegaWatt power resource using four or more Bifacial solar panel canopies.

In the standard design one modeule can power 10 Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) made by Watergen, to generate up to 15,000 gallons of water per day for irrigation purposes. Water would also be collected from roof-tops and fed into an underground concrete reservoir designed to meet the intended farming needs. 

Once established GridZero AgriVoltaics will operate the GZ Institute's innovation farms project at its Research Campus to validate and conduct ongoing research of suitible crops under solar power generating canopies (currently being value engineered and redesigned). Many of these will also be located within some of the proposed EVPowerHUBZ projects. A rendering is seen below of a series of solar canopy modules that are linked together to create a solar power generating farm.  

Vegas Turbine.jpg

The proposed GridZero EVPowerHUBZ

Farm projects like shown on the right are designed to be set on 50+ acre land parcels, an existing farm or parking lot. The 55 acre site seen here will generate 25+ MW of power, without impacting the food crops, grapes or citrus grown below the canopy. We use bifacial solar panels and Vertical Axis Wind Turbines like shown for maximum daily power generation. Panels allow adequate sunlight to shine through for almost aby plant or crop growth.

Dolar Farm 1..jpg


The proposed EVPowerHUBZ projects can be built almost anywhere, with or without a solar canopy module farm. GridZero Agriculture will likely grow produce, citrus and even grapes for wine making in its california locations. 

The H2TruckHUBZ will be located under a solar canopy in all locations, while non-farm land applications will 

feature Boat & RV storage space or long-haul truck parking under the added modules.  

GridZero Sample Canopy .jpg
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