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Founder/President/CEO shares the GridZero Transportation plan

GridZero Transportation once established will operate a fleet of local EV shuttle buses and luxury coaches we call our ClubLimoLiners. All will be fueled with Green H2 produced by us as part of the GridZero business model.  Imagine a fleet of private

coaches that can take you from Ventura to San Diego

or Las Vegas or any other EVPowerHUBZ location.

Once there, our fleet of local shuttles will get you to

your hotel, casino, sporting event or job (See Mao).

Our coach services will be accessable only to members who can pre-purchase seats on our ClubLimoLiners online or through the ClubZERO member App. Anyone can use our local shuttles at

any location for a small fee.

GridZero Transportation  hopes to use Prevost coaches if powered by GH2


The fleet of shuttles will be EV powered, with the  luxury coaches fueled with Green Hydrogen (GH2) fuel prioduce at our larger EVPowerHUBZ locations. GH2 is an important factor in building a Net Zero Emissions future.  Until recently it has not been cost-effective to produce this fuel. We are incorporating advancements in Hydrogen electrolyzer technologies that allow us to build GH2 fuel production micro-plants to oriovide  fuel for our fleets at all locations. 

GridZero is committed to building a zero emissions transportation network with its fleet of Hydrogen

powered ClubLimoLiners that will one day travel nationwide. Initially our network will operate from Las Vegas, Nevada to Southern California along

I-15, 210 and 101 freeway. Subject to funding we will be heading up to Salt Lake City to the north Phoenix Arizona to the east, San Diego, California. to the south and San Francisco, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe  and locations in between. 

Our GridZero Transportation strategy by itself represents a substantial financial investment, with each coach estimated to cost over $1 million. Assuming an average five coaches per location, with 80 locations we would have a fleet of 400 ClubLimoLiners traveling the highways, costing $500 million to acquire, less available tax credits (far less than the cost of one military tank). That cost is before fuel and labor (800+ drivers and 300+ staff ),  Operating costs will be paid from transpertation fees.

GridZero Transportation will also operate a fleet of 10 EV shuttles at each EVPowerHUBZ location. These are estimated to cost $160,000 each, so 80 locations, x 10 would be 800 shuttles at a potential cost of $128 million. Again, not counting power or labor costs. (1,000+ drivers and 600+ staff), Ongoing

operating costs will be paid from user transpertation fees, partner fees, and a portion of monthly oaid ClubZero membership fees.

All together, once built out GridZero Transportation will have in escess of 3,000 employees, providing a scheduled GH2 transportation service that can serve millions of ClubZERO members in four or more states. We intend to position this company for a future public offering of shares once underway to help fund its expansion. All it takes is the funding needed to make it happen. Our motto is LESS Funding for WARS, and MORE Funding for U.S. Infrastructure. A calling most U.S.Taxpayers agree with.

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