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Produce Micro-Farming

GridZero sells and installs the Sananbio Radix Modular Grow rack systems seen above

GridZero offers two unique produce micro-farming grow systems for home or restaurants that want to grow clean, protein rich healthy greens. The Sananbio Radix system shown above is a modular system that can be assembled from one grow bed  to 7 grow bed levels high.  

GridZero sells the Sananbio Radix system and intends to use them for its Urban GrowSpace and GridZero Farms operations which are in the provess of being established. 

Unlike a traditional indoor commercial vertical farm, each Urban GrowSoace,will operate as an exclusive private Produce Club membership program for 250 local individuals and 50 businesses, mainly restaurants. This offers a cost-effective way to grow healthy greens without pesticides, eliminate the need for commercial packaging, and out-of-area trucking. Members can order the items they want grown and pick them up, or buy from the greens produced on a regular basis.

GridZero will sell, install and service the Radix units for those who want to directly grow their own produce. We will also offer a  very unique, although more costly automated micro-farming system made by Babylon Micro-Farms called the Galleri.  These units are well suited as residential built ins on large kitchens, or placed into a spare bedroom or even the garage in some regions.


Galleri Micro-Farm Cavinet 

What makes this system standout is that it not only looks great, as a glass enclosed cabinet, but offers a subscription service that helps owners grow their produce items.


Owners recieve regular shipments of seed pods to insert into the beds. Through a camera in each level, they monitor the grow cycle and make adjustments remotely.


All owners need to do is pick the plants they want to grow, set them into the grow beds, make sure the systems has adequate water and harvest the goods. 

Builtin Galleri Micro-Farm Cavinets 

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