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Founder/President/CEO shares details about our California Research Campus

The GridZero Research Campus (GZ Campus), as seen in the conceptual rendering below, is planned for a larger land parcel located near Camarillo, California. It will be built with the financial support of the GZ Institute Sponsorship Program, state and federal grants, and corporate donations.

The GZ Campus, will become part of an active vineyard as it builds 17 60,180 SF buildings, most with bifacial solar panel roof systems. They will plant a variety of citrus trees, grapes, produce, berries and coffee under these canopies to

study the potential for these

crops to be grown under a

solar canopy, that can

also generate


The project will make power to use to make water from humidity, operate the winery or related farming or  food processing operations. We use the GridZero Solar Canopies that produce over one mega watt of power each.  This includes vertical farming operations. 

Some of this energy will be used along with the water to produce green hydrogen to fuel farm equipment, back up generators and make the entire facility capable of operating off the grid.

GZ Institute will oversee all sresearch projects, do lab work, data collection and annual reports. They will seek out and work to obtain state and federal grants for zero emission research, sustainable agriculture, solar and wind energy and green hydrogen fuel related projects. 

New Solar Canopy.jpg
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