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Founder/President/CEO shares his Green Energy business model

GridZero Green Energy once formed will operate a network of bifacial solar and wind energy farms, canopy farms and other roof-top solar generating systems to generate 10 to 80 Mega Watts of power each depending on locations and parcel size. An average 32 acre site as seen here, could generate over 20 MW of power. 


This green zero emission energy once generated will be collected, stored and distributed to power onsite operations, and to produce green hydrogen (GH2) fuel for fuel cell vechicle and trucker fuel cell rechargin on site. Power will also feed into the on site fast EV charging stations. Canopies are set 20 to 35 feet above existing farms, ranches, vineyards or parking spaces, and the bifacial solar panels are spaced to allow limited sunlight passed the cells to allow for plant growth or daytime lighting of other use applications. 


32 Acre HUBZ Site.png

GridZero Green Energy will operate a number of regional non-canopy solar farms of 100 + acres exclusively to produce Hydrogen fuel to support our smaller version EVPowerHUBZ and future H2TruckHUBZ locations with fuel (see Map).


In the U.S, green hydrogen got a major boost via the Inflation Reduction Act’s passage. The law offers $3/kg in tax incentives for producers of green hydrogen fuel for projects built through 2032, known as the 45V credit. The law also has earmarked $30 billion in subsidies for the hydrogen sector. GridZero intends to take advantage of these incentives and tax credits.


GZ Green Energy is, like most other divisions, an important part of the overall GridZero business vision. In some cases we may purchase power from existing solar farms over building our own in some locations. 


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