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Become a Brand or Individual That Supports a Zero Emissions Future


Our Founder/President/CEO shares the logic behind the GridZero Sponsorship

Program and use of funds raised. 

The GridZero Solutions Institute (GZ Institute) is a Hawaiian 501 c (3) non-profit tax-deductible organization (formerly Clear Blue Oceans Foundationformed in 2019 to address ocean plastic waste.

The GZ Institute is developing a Sponsorship program designed to engage big and small corporate brands, individuals and non-profts in helping to collectively build out a zero emissions hydrogen and EV powered transportation network, address the working homeless problem, ocean issues, and better use of agricultural lands. The goal is to have the program ready to launch by July 1 2024.

The Sponsorship program intends to engage a broad range of local, state, and federal government agencies, non-profit groups, individual and corporate investors, and joint venture partners to secure grants, donations or sponsorships from those who support our Zero Emission Strategy and green energy powered transportation objectives.


Like it or not, we are heading to a zero emissions future by 2035. Our mission is to help as many as possible make a smooth transition.  


GridZero is bipartisan and not driven by divisive political motives or narratives. Whether or not you believe in climate change, the need to reduce C02 caused air pollution is real and it simply makes sense to address it. That is the purpose-driven vision that drives our zero-emission transportation infrastructure efforts, and a simple common cause that everyone should agree with.


We believe millions of people worldwide, and most of the brands in the green EV and H2 space will agree and will likely support our efforts. We may even partner with some in those efforts. Most brands already support building out a viable green transportation network, and more will as they beome aware of our plans. We have created twenty Sponsor Categories that any brand, business or individual can participate in to help us reach our funding goal, currently set at $25 million by the end of 2024. We will provide more details once the program is closer to launch. 

Funds raised will be co-managed by GZ Institute and an outside public accounting firm, with funds deposited into the GridZero Trust Fund (GZ Trust). Donors are considered our Sponsors.

Funds will be allocated under a predefined plan announced prior to launch, and used to acquire land, build facilities, equipment, tooling and vehicles needed to offset the initial costs of building this large scale infrastructure project. Stay tuned.


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