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Founder/President/CEO explains the Solar & Wind farm strategy

GridZero Solar & Wind Farms are a part of our Green Energy Group. Not all planned EVPowerHUBZ will be located on 30+ acre sites, and demand for power to produce a steady supply of Green Hydrogen fuel (GH2),

requires building larger energy dolar farms. In some cases GridZero may acquire the power from existing solar farm operators, provided they will provide the land to build and operate a GH2 production facility.  


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We will look to build 120 + acre solar farms that produce at least 80 MW or more. They will be located mainly on vacant land leased or purchased in strategic locations that can support current or future SupperHUBZ  locations within a regional area. The GridZero Green Energy Group will operate all of our solar and wind farms, along with its divisions below to produce GH2 fuel to support all our locations. 

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Due to the cost of building solar and wind farms, producing green hudrogen and converting plastic waste into power, we will likely partner with related companies that build and lease them back for our purposes.

GridZero MicroFarms are designed to showcase how a fully self-powered sustainable commercial microfarming system can work for anyone who wants to grow and sell healthy greens. These facilities can be modified to work in smaller or larger footprints. GridZero intends to promote its sustainable microframs to remote off-grid locations that need food, water and energy security.


If you own a small or larger farm or vineyard and want to explore some options for a solar power canopy, contact Peter Ortmann through this website and schedule a site evaluation today.

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