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Founder/President/CEO shares his zero emissions strategy and insights 

Whether or not you believe CO2 emissions are dangerous

or mankind has caused a global climate crisis, the simple fact is that as global population continues to increase, so will fossil fuel-based energy demand and CO2 emissions. To be clear, GridZero believes our climate is changing, it always has and always will. However, carbon dioxide (C02) is not the reason as it occurs naturally in small amounts (0.04 percent) in the Earth's atmosphere. It is a minor part of the air we breathe and has no effect on climate change.

Great overview of the Hydrogen economy

The global challenge today, in our opinion, is to reduce C02 emissions from transportation to reduce the smog and clean our air. GridZero, by incorporating proven green energy and zero emission products, equipment, and technologies will build viable solutions that help us all transition to a zero emissions transportation future. GridZero and the GZ Institute has accepted this challenge and with the ongoing support of corporate and private sponsors, will set out to accomplish the stated goals outlined below:

The GridZero business model by design has a group of stand-alone companies and/or divisions that will all work together to build-out our proposed zero emissions transportation network. Each division or group will have their own experienced President/CEO and management teams to drive their respective division forward. Our Founder/President/CEO serves as the conductor of a well-orchestrated business strategy that oversees these divisions to meet our overall collective objectives.  

GridZero  - SuperHUBZ of North America 


The primary wholly owned GridZero divisions is called

SuperHUBZ of North America Inc (GZ SuperHUBZ). It

is currently in development and being structured as a

future public company. It will be based in California, own, build and operate all our H2EV EnergyHUBZ

EVPowerHUBZ and H2TruckHUBZ facilities, explained briefly below and in more detail on their own web page on this site. They will also build and manage the GridZero Membership Rewards Program called ClubZERO. This is our primary business grouping, and most of our other divisions will be established to support them. 

GZ SuperHUBZ logo.png

The H2EV EneregyHUBZ model was developed to initially address the lack of H2 refueling sites in Las Vegas, Nevada. That grew into a smaller network of similar facilities. 

The first location is planned for Las Vegas and will be operated by the GZ Inistitute as a ongoing active working research site that proves out the business model. Twenty (20) additional sites have been identified, including within Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona, Salt Lakes City, St George and Provo, Utah, Laughlin, Reno/Soarks, Henderson, Primm, Pahrump, and Mesquite, Nevada, Barstow, and several other California locations.  The goal is to fast track the roll-out of H2 powered vehicles in the states surrounding California, and the expand the travel destinations of the H2 vehicle owners there.

The EVPowerHUBZ model addresses the lack of secure weather protected EV Fast Charging, Green Hydrogen (GH2) vehicle and trucking refueling stations.

These facilities will operate on a 24/7 basis and help most EV and H3 vehicle owners, mainly those who do not have the ability to charge their vehicles at condominium or apartment homes, eliminate their ongoing EV charging or refueling anxieties. Anxieties that have contributed greatly to slowing the sales of multi-brand EV or H2 vehicle sales, making the transition to a zero emissions future more difivult within the United States - The Problem.

Charging anxieties are rooted mainly in the lack of fast EV charging or H2 fuel cell refueling locations, an owner’s personal safety concerns, adverse weather-related protection, the availability of working charging stations for their vehicle brand, access to clean bathrooms, and often food and beverages when charging outside their home or while traveling. 

EVPowerHUBZ will address and solve all these issues by providing secure, dependable, and value-added services to owners. At the same time we help effect the transition to zero emission travel for non-owners with an integrated business model that can be duplicated almost anywhere to build out  the zero emission community - one location at a time - for the common good of - The Solution

Our Zero Emission Strategy addresses the growing trend towards the use of Green Hydrogen (GH2) powered long-haul trucking. A GridZero H2TruckHUBZ will be an added at some locations exclusively for them. 

H2TruckHUBZ will be located within 50 miles of or next to our EVPowerHUBZ to exclusively provide GH2 refueling stations for long haul trucking companies. They will be built under one of the on-site solar canopies, providing full weather protection, feature a truckers cafe & ounge with showers, tire & repair shop, truck wash, laundromat, limited overnight parking spaces and retail store.  We call the

combined HUBZ facility our GVSuperHUBZ and they are placed in 10% of our network locations.

GridZero  Green Energy Group 


The GridZero Green Energy group will incorporate all of the related businesses needed to generate and manage the necessary solar & wind energy farms and GH2 fuel production needs of all SuperHUBZ facilities. 

If SuperHUBZ were the heart of the GridZero vision, this group is the blood flow needed to keep that heart pumping. It will require substantial capital investment to fully build out this segment as well and therefore GridZero will structure and position this group and its listed divisions below for a future Initial Public Offering (IPO) of its shares, or for an acquisition by an existing public company. 

GridZero Green Hydrogen will use the power and water generated onsite to produce Green Hydrogen (GH2) fuel for member vehicle recharging, trucks, and the GridZero fleet of coaches and shuttles.

GridZero Plastic2Power is one of the oldest models to join the GridZero portfolio. It intends to collect waste plastic to convert 

into useable low sulphur fuel oil to generate electricity for local power grids.

GridZero WindTurbines  will manufacture its own Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) units for its solar & wind energy projects. They will also install and maintain all units within those projects.

GridZero  Transportation Group 

These GH2 powered coaches will cost in excess of one million dollars

each, and we expect to have over 400 on the highways by 2035, along

with over 600 local EV shuttle vans assuming 100 EVPowerHUBZ are

built. This too will require a substantial amount of capital, so GridZero may

establish this group for a future IPO as well, to ensure we build the most

dependable zero emissions transportation services network possible



GridZero Transportation will offer a zero-emission 

luxury ClubLimoLiner GH2 fuel cell powered coach

service between all EVPowerHUBZ for ClubZERO members, plus local shuttle van services.

GZ Ctr VAN.png

GridZero  Wholly Owned & Operated Divisions

The following GridZero companies and divisions are designed to operate as longer term stand-alone divisions of GridZero. Our Founders goal is to plant the seeds of his zero-emissions transporatation model and let them grow along with their share prices in the years ahead by empowering qualified talent to drive them forward. The companies below will be family owned and operated or perhaps sold off at a later date.  

GridZero MetalWorks is our manufacturing, prototype and special fabrications division. They will build our VAWT towers, solar farm and roof-top panel racking systems.

Our Founder comes from a custom design/build specialty fabrication background, having owned a simi8lar business before semi-retiring in 2004. He has developed all of the concepts seen on this site, including his Bifacial Solar Panel Canopy Module structures which are incorporated throughout our businesses, and mainly within our proposed Innoivation Farms project. GridZero MetalWorks will build the GZ Institute ReliefHUBS and CommunityHUBS.

GridZero Agriculture will grow food under the Bifcial Solar Panel Canopies that will be set onto existing agricultural land or vineyards. They allow adequate sunlight to grow grapes, coffee, produce, citrus, and berries.

Most importantly these 60,000 SF modules produce almost 1 megawatt of power each that can be used to operate the farm, winery or sell back into the local power grids. The idea was developed a few years ago as our Founder worked on developing an off-grid vineyard, that could make the needed clean water and power to operate and power its winery and tasting room. That project is now part of the Innoivation Farms project.

GridZero HumidaPure Water will consist of a series of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG), which convert humid airflow into drink ready AirWater, used for crops, water sales, and to produce Hydrogen fuel. 

GridZero Entertainment is our web content production division and will co-produce the GridZero: The Mother of All Start-ups business reality web series. They will also manage our websites and create other content items.

GridZero of California Inc. is our California operating division, and will oversee our proposed projects there. This includes our Business ParkInnovation Farms and related research and development projects for the GZ institute

GridZero of Hawaii Inc. is our Hawaiian Islands operating division, and will oversee our proposed Business Park HUB on Maui, if built.  

GridZero  Solutions Institute Initiatives & Projects

GridZero Solutions Institute is our non-profit research, development and consumer education arm. They will help educate the public about the values of EV and hydrogen powered vehicles, better AG Land Use and ocean issues.  

The GridZero Membership Rewards Program: ClubZERO, is being designed to work accross all GridZero brands aith a goal to offer membvers savings on EV power and H2 fuel. 


 Membership plans will range from free with a valid email as a loyality program, to paid levels that offer savings on power and fuel, access to ClubLimoliners, member lounges, and travel values. Members will earn points that can be redeemed for power, fuel or merchandise, food and bevereages. The goal is to provide an advertising platform to help drive savings while educating consumers about EV and H2 products and vehicles.  Surplus profits from operations will go toward further research initiatives.

GridZero Innovation Farms is an agricultural working farm project that will operate a series of solar moidules to determine the foods thatr can grow below them, while generating power and water. 

The GZ institute will build and operate a sereies of CommunityHUBS in select locations to help those forced into homelessness due to the inflationary times, a job loss or othere factor, and now live in cars, trailers or tents. 

The GZ institute will build and operate local ReliefHUBS in selectdisaster areas to help those impacted by them. It may work with governmental agencies like FEMA as well if needed, subject to funding.

GridZero is committed to building a Solar-to-Green Hydrogen fuel-based zero-emissions network and transportation business strategy. Our primary goal is to reduce pollution, while providing the necessary infrastructure that supports the transition to EV and GH2 powered vechicles, trucking and transprtation resources. 

We have spent several years following the research on Hydrogen-based products equipment, and technologies. We now have all the components necessary to build out our vision and look forward to bringing them together. Undertaking a large scale infrastructure build-out project like we propose, with multiple Solar Farms,  will requires billions of dollars. Initially funding will come from our Sponsorship program and grant funding, then move into equity-based investments. 

Stay tuned for more details about our projects, and click on any logo above to be directed to a webpage to learn more about them, see site plan renderings and our proposed location map. If there was ever a true "Mother of All Startups " - GridZero is it. Come join in the adventure.

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