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Founder/President/CEO shares his objecxtives with the ClubZero program

GridZero MetalWorks (GZ MetalWorks), is GridZero's product manufacturing, specialty fabrication, system installation, and and prototyping division.  They will build the CommunityHUBS GZ ReliefHUBS, GZ Solar Canopy Modules, Solar & Wind farm panel racking systems, reflective bifacial panel decking, and wind turbine support towers, plus GZ Plastic2Power equippment supports or miscellaneous items if we launch that company iin the future. They will be part of all Business Parks.  

GridZero will acquire and build its first shop as part of the proposed Business Park & CommunityHUBS project area. The projectd, equipment, tooling and support vehicles needed will be funded in part with the support ofprivate and corporate GZ Foundation Sponsors, who through their contributions will help us build out a zero emission economy. This offers GridZero substantial savings in debt service long-term and the ability to offset initial start-up costs.  The will be no shortage of projects for GZ MetalWorks in the future as all divisions are likely to grow at a rapid pace.

nutech 2.png

Proposed Plastic2Power Processing Line

GridZero Relief HUB

Relief Hub 1.jpg
GZ Relief Hub.png

Conceptual design for the GridZero disaster ReliefHUB

Conceptual design for our Solar & Wind Energy Farms using bifacial solar panels, a reflective under deck and our wind turbines to maximize the energy output per acre.

GridZero Dolar Canopy Modules will be used for most of our projects, from Agricultural farming, our Business Parks and H2TruckHUBZ. 

GridZero Solar Canopy Modules consist of three 100' x 200' metal building-like frames, open on all side in most applications. They have a bifacial solar panel roof system that allows adequate sunlight through for plant growth or lighting. We use them for the GZ Foundatrion CommunityHUBS that will provide temporay shelter for working homeless living out of their cars, trailers or tents. 

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