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Our Founder shares the proposed GridZero H2EV EnergyHUBZ model

The proposed GridZero H2EV EnergyHUBZ (Energy HUBZ) projects is one of the newest concepts our Founder designed. It came about while he was looking to acquire an H2 powered vehicle, and in doing so he discovered there were ZERO places to refuel H2 vehicles within Las Vegas. He found that odd as Air Liquide opened one of the largest hydrogen (H2) Fuel production facilities in North Las Vegas over a year ago. Furing his recent visit to the ACT EXPO in Las Vegas he learned most of the H2 fuel nthey produce is shipped to Southern California, but we could get fuel if we built a facility. 


Even worse, he  learned only a limited number of  refueling sites were availble within California and existing H2 vehicle owners there were frustrated that they could not drive to Las Vegas because no refuleing sites were available to them. 

He had already designed a smaller H2 fuel cell refueling & EV rapid charging 

concept: GridZero H2EV EnergyHUBZ,

as part of the SuperHUBZ model. The goal is to build and place these smaller

facilities into operation until their larger

EVPowerHUBZ  are built.

The conceptual design rendering here consists of a 12,800 SF (160' x 180') existing parkingt lot site near the Las Vegasw Convention center. This site has not been secured, nor can we guarantee it can be. This can be placed unto any existing parking space. 

H2EV HUBZ LV SITE copy.png
LC Convention center site.jpg


Although the final design is likely to change once equipment to be used is identified, it is being designed to operate mostly off the grid. In fact, this direst location, if successfullt developed, will be operated by our non-profit the GridZero Soulutions Institute as an ongoing research initiative or program. The goal is to open the Las Vegas market to H2 vehicles, Tazis, Shuttles and mid-sized trucks, while offseting the cost of fuel and power with the support of local casinos, local and state grants, small business andprivate cxontributions.  We intend to start that funding initiative in June.

Once this initial site is operational, SuperHUBZ intends to build additional H2EV EnergyHUBZ  facilities within Nevada, California, Arizona and Utah to expand the H2 travel range and destinations. This should lead to H2 vehicle sales opening in these states, so we hope the major H2 vehicle manufacturers like Toyota, Hyundai, Hionda, BWM and others will support our projects.

Each H2EV EnergyHUBZ facility will operate on a 24/7 basis, much like a gasoline station, and have two full-time attendants to assist customers. Once the H2 vehicle market builds, a third will be added. Each location will feature 6 H70 Hydrogen fuel cell refilling stations, plus 6 rapid EV charging slots with the two most common plugs, powered by a series of H2 power generators. Each will have restrooms, coffee, and limited food items, an open solar canopy roof for weather protection, an air-2-water making system, and this initial location would feature 16 covered parking spaces to rent to conventioneers. 

Another objective is to help educate consumers about the H2 value proposition, while offering rapid EV charging revenue to offset operational costs until the H2 vehicle, taxi, and shuttle van market develops.

Our logic is simple! By reducing Hydrogen fuel cost to the price of local gasoline we can expand H2 travel opportunities and educate the oublic about green H2 options. An important factor in building a market for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and help transition people to a zero emission transportation future, 

The GridZero Energy HUBZ model can accomplish this for current H2 owners in California, and future owners, before they give up on the hydrogen option. The H2 solution is here, all that is needed now is the funding and political will to make it happen. 

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