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Welcome to
GridZero Solutions

GridZero Founder/President/CEO welcomes visitors and shares his vision

Welcome to GridZero Inc. We believe the future is trending towards an end-to-end Green Hydrogen (GH2) powered transportation and zero emissions economy by 2035. We intend to be a pioneer in that transition and developed our Zero Emissions Strategy around it.

To meet this challenge we have developed an integrated and well-orchestrated large scale hydrogen infrastructure business model. One that will work with the GridZero Solutions Institute (GZ Institute), our non-profit research, development and educational organization. Our collective goal is to educate and engage the public as we set out to build a network of EV fast charging and H2 refueling HUBZ facilities, each connected with a GH2 fueled luxury coach and EV shuttle transportation system. In addition, building the companies that will support them, including solar and wind energy farms to produce Green Hydrogen fuel. 

If that were not challenging enough in a world gone mad environment, GridZero and GZ Institute will also introduce and develop an innovative and sustainable new agricultural system that makes better use of AG land. Along the way we will address the many ocean and plastic waste issues, look to assist the growing population of working homeless in America and provide modular disaster relief facilities. 

GridZero is "The Mother of all Start-ups" ever undertaken. One developed by our President/CEO Peter Ortmann, over many years of ongoing research and development. He briefly shares his vision and each integrated model on this website, and within short video clips that will be updated as chings progress and continue to develop. Look for our web series to launch this fall that will take viewers on the business building reality ride of a lifetime, in real time, with real people and with real companies. First, let's focus on the three core businesses that drive his vision below:

GridZero Transportation will 

operate a zero emissions fleet of GH2 powered local shuttles

and luxury ClubLimoLiner bus

coaches between all proposed EVPowerHUBZ locations. 

GridZero EVPowerHUBZ will offer EV fast charging stations and GH2 fuel cell recharging in a fully staffed secure weather protected facility with food & Beverage, plus car wash. 

GridZero H2TruckHUBZ are designed to offer long haul trucks an exclusive facility to refuel GH2, a truckers cafe & lounge with showers, tire & repair shop, and laundromat.

While we continue to develop our larger scale project, our design team has also developed a smaller H2EV EnergyHUBZ concept to jump start the transition to Hydrogen. We are currently putting all three of our HUBZ projects into a seperate combined business model called SuperHUBZ of North America, (SuperHUBZwith a goal of taking this model public in the future. 

In partnership with the GZ Institute, we will also work to assist the growing working homeless populations now living in their cars, tents and trailers due to ongoing inflationary pressures in select areas, with our proposed CommunityHUBS projects. The GZ Institute will also look to provide Local ReliefHUBS to assit those impacted by a natural disaster like wildfires (remember Lahaina, Maui in 2023), hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and other similar events. 

Although GridZero is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have helped estate and ranch owners, farms and vineyards in California over the years with off-grid solutions. A large part

of that was centered on the water quailty or lack of access to clean water there. Today, we are focused mainly on building out our own projects and companies as oitlined on this website. That being said, we still work with our clients and those referred by them or their 

business operations.


It is important to note that all of our projects are design/build in nature, as every situation is unique. The process begins with a phone call to us, often followed by an initial site evaluation to define the best solution to meet your needw. If we elect to take on a project, the client must agree to pay for a detailed 

Site Evaluation which allows us to better define the equipment needed. Our goal is to deliver a firm cost estimate, permit requirements and delivery timelines. In short, we evaluate your needs and deliver a fully-installed turnkey system cost, then manage the installation if you wish to proceed. 

There is a lot to explore and learn about on this website. We continue to update content, videos and related information monthly. Please excuse any broken links content that seems different than other pages. By the end of June we should have all pages in sync. Thanks for your understanding and for stopping by, please share our site with your friends and business associates starting in June.

"Never underestimate the ability of a small group of dedicated people to
change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."


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