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Welcome to
GridZero Solutions

Welcome to GridZero Inc. your one-stop solution resource for the "Best-of-Class" equipment and products for living off the grid. We can provide you with dependable turn key air-to-water and power generating, and micro-farming systems for your estate home, hotel, restaurant or other commercial or industrial application.  

Alternate Off-Grid
Power Generating
Solutions for Home, EV's & Businesses

Atmospheric Water
Generators (AWG)
Turn Humid Airflow into Drinking Water

Home & Business
Micro-Farming Systems for
Growing Produce

Whether you want a poolside solar power generating patio

cover, or turn your parking lot into a power generating farm, GridZero has the systems to help accomplish your goals, 

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GridZero offers the best Air-to-Water Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) systems made from 8 gallons to over 10,000 gallans of quailty drinking water daily. 

GridZero offers two of the best home-based produce micro-farming systems made that allow you to grow healthy micro-greens and produce at home or for your restaurant. 

GridZero believes having clean water, healthy food and alternate electrical power generating backup options are essential to support modern day living. We are committed to adding the best air-2-water equipment manufacturers to deliver the best individual solution to meet our clients unique needs. 

Although GridZero is currently based in

Las Vegas, Nevada, we serve mainly large

estate homeowners, ranchers, farms and

vineyards within California.  A large part of that has been centered on the water quailty iand lack of clean drinking water ssues that California has. Our line of Atmospheric Water Generating (AWG) systrems, using Watergen 

equipment, the world leader in air-to-water technologies can meet the challenges many small water districts and owners have.


The solution to clean water is in the air we breathe all around us. We can help you convert humidity into the water you need, from 10 Gallons Per Day (GPD) to over 50,000 GPD for your home or your entire community. We have spent years seeking out the most efficient products, equipment manufacturers, microfarming systems, off-gird power generators, solar electric power generating panels and energy storage technologies.

We are proud to offer a full line of Watergen AWG products, along with other AWG options, the state-of-the-art Smartflower self-cleaning, sun-tracking all-in-one solar system, with or without built in energy storage, Canadian Solar panels and storage systems, the Power Shingle solar roof panels, SunMaxx solar hot water systems, the Babylon and Sananbio micro-farming products.


The process begins with a phone call to us, followed by our initial site evaluation stage to define the best solution and continues through all system installation phases. GridZero can design the best, most  cost-effective package to meet your individual or business needs. We will manage the installation and service tghe systems long-term. 

After reviewing our website call us to answer any questions and explore options.  We offer multiple Onsite Evaluation packages depending upon your location and requirements needed. Our Site Evaluation will better define the equipment needed, cost estimates, permit requirements and delivery timelines. In short, we evaluate your needs and draft a firm detailed cost estimate of a fully-installed turnkey system. We leave no stone unturned.

GridZero will be relocating to California in early 2024 to be closer to our clients. We are also working with state water agencies to develop tax credits and incentives to address the lack of quailty drinking water in select regions. Our site Evaluation Report & Estimate will provide a clear understanding of exactly what tax credits or refunds, if any, are avaialable, and the cost to maintain your system long-term, by us or directly by you. 


Thanks for stopping by, please share our site with your friends and business associates.

"Never underestimate the ability of a small group of dedicated people to
change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."


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