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GridZero Farms 

GridZero is committed to helping small and large farms or vineyards incorporate ways to maximize their existing Agricultural lands, incorporating better environmental and management practices. We want to help educate them and future farmers on sustainable farming methods and systems. 


To accomplish that we developed GridZero Farms Inc.,

our California division that intends to build a test project

that turns a small vineyard, into a 1 MegaWatt power

resource using a Bifacial Solar panel canopy, to power

10 Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG)

made by Watergen to generate up to

15,000 gallons of water per day for

irrigation purposes. The end result being

a fully sustainable off-grid vineyard.

GridZero Farms is seeking an existing vineyard within the Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County, California for its Sustainable Vineyard project. This area is well known for quality wines and offers an ample supply of sunshine and humidity. We hope to find a vineyard that can allow us to convert 10 acres into a solar canopy generating over 6.5 MegaWatts of power, to use and sell back into the local power grid as an additional revenue source. 


GridZero Farms is also developing an indoor microfarming operation in Camarillo, California. A rough conceptual rendering of the proposed 2,400 SF two story metal building, with a 350 SF power and Atmospheric Water Generator room (4,150 SF Total) is seen below. 


Cam MicroFarm.png
Cam MicroFarm 2nd floor.png

GridZero MicroFarms are designed to showcase how a fully self-powered sustainable commercial microfarming system can work for anyone who wants to grow and sell healthy greens. These facilities can be modified to work in smaller or larger footprints. GridZero intends to promote its sustainable microframs to remote off-grid locations that need food, water and energy security.


If you own a small or larger farm or vineyard and want to explore some options for a solar power canopy, contact Peter Ortmann through this website and schedule a site evaluation today.

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