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SmartFlower USA

Video: Our unique & attractive self-cleaning solar solution by Smartflower 

GridZero  offers the Smartflower self-cleaning,

sun-tracking solar electric power generating solution

for estate homes, vineyards, or commercial spaces.

We provide them individually or in groups to meet power

needs, while also incorporating them into our atmospheric water generating systems when possible to make them fully-sustainable off the grid.  Smartflowers are attractive and create hours of conversation with friends, family, restaurant, and winery tasting room visitors.  



Smartflower solar tracking systems offer a unique ground-mounted solar panel that tracks the sun throughout the day. Smartflowers open at sunrise, tracks the sun throughout the day, then closes at sunset while it cleans it's own panels.


Smartflowers offer a number of other high-tech features and are perfect for schools, remote ranches, vineyards and many other applications. They provide the maximum solar electric output possible in limited space conditions, and can be installed with internal energy storage. Plus, they look cool.

SmartFlower Tracking.png

The Smartflower unit itself is 194 SF in size (15 foot round when open) and includes a dual-axis tracker enabling it to maximize its solar energy production. According to Smartflower’s website, this translates to a 40% increase in energy production over a similar-sized fixed rooftop solar panel system. Here are two more videos that share more about the Smartflower system:

Although the Smartflower is a cool and attractive solar panel system, GridZero also uses traditional solar panel systems with an alternate sun tracking system called DuraTrack. We utilize the DuraTrack system, as a more cost-effective solar power generating system for larger power needs.

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