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Off-Grid PlugHUB Power Modules

Plughub 4000 plan view copy.jpg

Conceptual Design of our EV 4000 PlugHUBS off-grid 4EV Charging Power Module 

GridZero is developing a series of offgrid power modules that we intend to place, operate and maintain in areas without existing grid power or EV charging stations. We generate the power with earth friendly propane fueled generators.  

Our Power Modules will come in 2, 4 and 8 EV versions, plus a version designed exclusively for any construction rsite or emergency power needs,  We expect to start placing our initial units them later this year.


Contact Mr. Peter Ortmann through this site for more details on this proposed project. 


Once built, they will be placed in desired locations within California and Nevada to offer fast EV charging options at hotels, shopping areas, gas stations, golf courses, and locations that do not currently offer EV charging. 

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