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 GridZero Employment Opportunities

GridZero is a Nevada corporation with offices being developed in the western Las Vegas area known as Summerlin. We are also developing a branch sales office in Thousand Oaks, California by early next year. We are currently seeking senior level positions under our Vested CEO Opportunity as briefly outlined below. To apply, send us an email through the contact page on this site.

The Vested CEO Opprotunity Overview


GridZero has a full plate of exciting and very viable ventures nearing the launch pad. Our President/CEO Peter Ortmann, 68, realizes that he is way to busy to build them all using a single management team structure. Being the creative entrepreneur he developed a unique opportunity to offer four entrepreneurs with a passion to succeed, a winning attitude and some business savoy, the chance to become the President/CEO of one of the companies featured below and share in its success.  Here is how it will work. 

To apply send Mr. Ortmann a short (3 page max) pdf letter stating why you feel you can successfully build the selected brand you want to build, and any experience that might help convience him. If selected, you will become the President/CEO of the brand, build your own management team, and jump into the pilots seat to run the day-to-day operations, plus recieve a salary as to be determined.  

Of course, Mr. Ortmann will remain Chairman and oversee the operation, its board and help mentor your management team and drive the brands vision. There is a catch, however, as Mr. Ortmann wants vested CEO's, with some skin in the game if you will. So, you will need to post a fully refundable $100,000 cash deposit (or Bitcoin) with GridZero if selected.  This weeds out the job hunters.

What's the deposit for you ask!  First this weeds out the mere job hunters and un serious canidates. Once on board you will recieve stock options equal to five percent (5%) of your brands initial outstanding common shares. These shares vest after you have been CEO for 18 months, at which time the deposit will convert to a share/option purchase. Should you leave or be terminated, the deposit will be fully refunded. and share option forfeited. Additional options and bonuses will be avaialble on performance.

We are looking for a President/CEO to build and run our EVPlugHUBS division as well, although under a slightly different Vested CEO Opportunity. 

Mr. Ortmann believes that when creative, like-minded entrepreneurs come togetherto build socially responsible companies that can benefit the common social good, everyone wins. If you have the desire and passions, and funds to become part of this exciting opportunity, then submit your request and let's get started. NOTE: As of this post, PlugHUBS has found its CEO.

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