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 Meet The GridZero Team Captain

The initial GridZero management team is comprised mainly of Peter Ortmann,  the Founder/President/CEO, of the AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc (APVG), Mr. Ortmann brings over 45 years of direct business start-up, senior development and management experience into GridZero.  He is the creator of all business models and companies you will discover here. Before semi-retiring in 2004 he was a California General, Custom Metal Fabrications and HVAC contractor for 20 years in the Tri-counties along the Central California coast. His custom design, fabrication, contracting and system installation expertise, combined with his strategic skills in estimating design/build projects can add value to any client relationship.

Petey social pic.jpg

Mr. Ortmann has several management team members and outside contractors in the wings who will be joining our California operations over the next year. Once adequately funded we intend to establish our sales and service center showroom in Camarillo California. By early 2024 the GridZero Management Team will be in place and ready to drive the AWG movement within Caliornia.

Mr. Ortmann, is also President of APVG;s  non-profit Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation) a tax-exempt 501c3 non-profit organization. It is dedicated to increasing awareness of issues that impact our oceans, coastlines and overall eco-systems, geoengineering and micro-farming.

As part of our committment to building socially responsible, purpose-driven companies, we have also committed ten percent (10%) of our pre-tax net profits to the CBO Foundation long-term to help fund their ongoing awareness efforts and special initiatives that will address the water issues in California. We ask you to also support them if possible by making a small donation.  


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